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T minus approx 12 hours…

ok here we go again – shoulder number two goes under the knife tomorrow at 11:30am.


I think I’m more nervous about this one than the last one – maybe its because I know what to expect this time.

I’ll get there and check in then I’ll be trollied to the waiting room where I’ll have to put on those delightful tea bag bloomers and compression suspenders – no more photos! nobody needs to see that a second time! 🙂

then they’ll knock me out and I’ll wake up at some point later and be really thirsty – like on comp day, but I wont be able to drink because my throat won’t work from the anaesthetic and I’ll end up breathing the water instead.

After about an hour they’ll wheel me to my room and I’ll probably sleep for the rest of the day. Mind you I was quite perky last time and my appetite certainly didn’t suffer! just as well  my brother smuggled in that grilled chicken! 🙂

maybe I’ll take my laptop this time – I have the rest of series 1 of Downton Abbey to watch and all of series 2 as well as the Christmas special!

thats my brothers fault he got me on to it whilst I was up in Sydney!

The only bit I’m really dreading is when the drugs wear off in the middle of the night – that was excruciating last time – the nurses couldn’t fill me full of morphine quickly enough!

apart from that it should be relatively easy – drugs and sleep! 🙂

I was trying to decide if I’d be classified as a paraplegic after this –  things you take for granted…like getting dressed cause a lot of pain in my left shoulder because I can’t raise my arm to the side, front or across my body. Sitting at my computer at work and reaching forward to type on the keyboard triggers shooting pains and crunching in the joint.

Any movement that engages the front shoulder muscles is very awkward. Even by the end of the day if I haven’t had my arm resting in a sling, the sheer weight of my arm hanging from my shoulder makes it very sore all the way down to my elbow.

Training of course is going to be very difficult. Today I was pretty much restricted to stair intervals – having done heavy legs/hammies/glutes/calves/abs at the weekend I didn’t want to do them again.

Next week is going to be even worse – I had my left arm in the sling at training today to prevent me from using it as a counterbalance or leverage when doing 3 steps at a time or frog jumps up 3 steps, but at least I’ve had my right arm to be able to stabilise myself holding on to the handles on the leg press or leg extension machine – next week I wont be able to do that as, anything that involves pulling or pressure on my left arm feels like its tearing the whole arm off!

its going to be a challenge thats for sure, but I have to think thats its for the best. I couldn’t keep going with my shoulders the way they were as I wasn’t able to do any heavy training with them at all last year, at best I was just maintaining and I was in constant pain. If this just fixes the pain aspect then that is progress and once I get through rehab then getting back into some real training is actually something to look forward to – I’m curious to see what sort of progression I can make…and how quickly!

within reason of course! Much as I want to get back into comp mode, I’m not going to do anything stupid…


that would be a first for me! 🙂

time to be more princess than mad dog…

Before then though, I’ve got veggies to chop and meat to bake whilst I still have one good arm!

see you on the other side!


Food Diary 7 – 10 December 2011

here it is…warts ‘n’ all!

food diary!

Wed 7th December

Thur 8th Dec

Fri 9th Dec – EEEK!

Sat 10th Dec

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Pride cometh before…rebound!

pride cometh….before rebound!

did you hear the ‘Thud’?


well it may just have been a little bump and as long as I start doing something about it hopefully we can avoid the really ‘weighty’ floor shaking version.

what am I going on about?

give you one guess…I’ve already given you the clue…

you got it


ok let me back up a little here.

during comp prep, I may have mentioned, on the odd, rare occasion… :-p

ok, I  know I kept going on about how I didn’t get any cravings and how I didn’t have a sweet tooth so not having chocolate, ice cream ,cakes, biscuits, muffins,  <insert your own favourite sweet thing here> wasn’t an issue for me and how not having pizza, pasta, bread, carbs in general also wasn’t an issue…

I MAY… also have mentioned that since I didn’t eat crap anyway that ‘rehab’ post comp also shouldn’t be a problem and how I wasn’t going to be one of those people who binged on all of the above bad stuff and piled on stacks of weight in a very short space of time….


lets see how thats working out for me

the last couple of weeks I’ve just been feeling a little out of control as far as my eating has been going, I’m still sticking to 6 meals a day, I’m still just having meat and sweet potato for brekky mainly because its the easiest thing to do and after the egg white pancake episode I haven’t had those again. I still have my PWO shake but because I’m ‘bulking’ I now have neat dextrose in it. I’m still not eating dairy food, I just react too badly to it.

side note – been reading ‘eat right for your blood type‘ and ‘paleo diet‘ – am definitely the caveman type which could explain why dairy is not working for me, why I could put muscle on whilst doing comp prep diet and why  it appears that bodybuilding is going to be my thing – shoulders allowing 🙂


Lunches are generally still meat/fish and a salad + fruit and dinner is generally meat/fish+ green veggies. So on the surface it’s not looking too bad…

but I just can’t stop eating! my mid morning ‘snack’ now tends to incorporate fruit and nuts in addition to the meat/fish+salad, afternoon snack is generally meat+fruit/nuts/chocolate (!!! I know! 3 times this week! *excuse coming later!) and my 2 teaspoons of nut butter is now more like 2 dessert spoons…

When I go out I have a few beers….had a christmas party last Thursday.. lets just say it was a bit more than a few beers…and lets just say that words did not need to be said at training the next day, I could feel the disapproval radiating from Aiden…

yesterday was carnage! work Christmas breakfast, followed by lunch at the pub and then I was in a meeting all afternoon which I couldn’t get out of to have mid afternoon snack…but there was a big bowl of lollies on the table…yep, disaster! coffee to offest the lunchtime beer, lollies to offset the caffeine slump and more lollies to offest the lolly crash…oh dear.

I felt so ill afterwards…and I skipped dinner (too full of crap!) in favour of half a pot of nut butter and a nectarine.

NOT my finest effort…

I have a new job and they’re a fairly social bunch, so friday lunch at the pub is becoming a bit more of a feature…and there was this weeks leaving lunch..and theres another Christmas do next week…and another leaving lunch the week after that..

in the last few weeks I’ve also been buying gluten free biscuits, or conscious chocolate (we’ll get to this later!), or ordering dessert when out at a restaurant – stuff that I haven’t eaten or done for years

what is going on? I have this horror sweet tooth all of a sudden and some sneaky old habits have resurfaced – I’m working late so I can’t be bothered to cook, I’m in meetings all the time so I can’t stick to a routine, having a beer with pub lunch…anyone recognize these nasty little patterns?

My new job (ironically) is product owner of a health and wellness web portal for a large health insurance company and one of the features of this site is whats known as the ‘Wellness Record’ (hate the terminology!) so I put in all my real numbers…and thought I’d put myself on a weight maintenance program…

so on my weight maintenance meal plan, I’m allowed 2600 calories a day, spread over 6 meals and I get to eat date and walnut cake for mid morning snack, baked white potato chips as afternoon snack and banana split as an evening snack…after steak, mash and veggies


oh sorry this is sound government approved, clinically reviewed by peers, dietary advice..

anyway being the superior being that I am, I scoffed at how ANYONE could possibly get through 2600 calories a day because I couldn’t….
but then given the last few weeks of feeling slightly out of control I thought it was time I held the mirror up to myself…
here’s the last few days.



3464 calories yesterday!!!!!

ok time to ‘fess up – warts ‘n’ all, here it is – full disclosure:

can you hear the thud now?

in the 7 weeks since my last comp (has it only been 7 weeks?), I’ve put on 6.7kg – some of it is definitely muscle, and theres some that isn’t! 🙂

I was really hoping to stay within 10% of my comp weight which was 51.5kg at the Vics and 50.9kg at the universes, so this gives me 5-6kg to play with and now I’m there, I’d really like to stay there.

Don’t get me wrong, I still look good – clothes that were hanging off me now have shape to them – my back is getting really big and still has some definition to it, my legs are huge and completely solid – they’re going to be knock out when I cut down again…and you should see my butt! I now have one and I love it!

the million $ snow white frock is going to look awesome at New Year, when I will be the princess amongst the queens in sydney :-p

I’ve talked about putting myself back on comp diet previously, but somehow it hasn’t quite eventuated and with surgery next week  which will knock out training, I really need to get my act together to avert the potential for metabolism wrecking that is looming.

so tomorrow….


do it tonight!!

tonight I’m going to remove every non ‘caveman safe’ item of food from my cupboards – I can’t eat it, if its not there, and in what could turn out to be a happy accident, I wont be able to replace anything until Monday as I left my purse at work and I don’t have weekend access – so the only thing I can eat is whats left after the clean out – meat, fish, brown rice, quinoa (might just chuck that out as well!) and veggies…and 1 egg…and the remnants of the nut butter.

aaahhh….Real food!

* (from above)

just one more thing tho before I go – have you come across Conscious Chocolate?? it uses raw organic natural ingredients, its handmade, its dairy free, gluten free, soya free, sugar free, pesticide free and low gi…its just so smooth and soft….

Goji berry and Coconut…..(best homer simpson impression here…)

you HAVE to try it…it is SOOOO delicious you will instantly become a chocoholic if you weren’t before – this is my undoing right now!

If you do try it and you become an instant addict…well I can live with being the bad friend that introduced you to it..

I’m not going to ask you to save me a piece…because I know there won’t be ANY left 🙂


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