Perfect Posing


Flawless Posing

You’ve trained, you’ve dieted, you’re ready to step on stage and show off all your hard work.

  • What is it that is going to make you stand out from a line-up of beautifully shaped and conditioned competitors?
  • What is it that accentuates your physique and lifts your presence on stage?
  • What is going to draw the judges attention to your physique?

Your posing.

Good or bad, your posing could be the difference between winning or placing or not.

  • Good posing will show off the best parts of your physique and de-emphasise any weaknesses.
  • Good posing will lessen any imbalances that throw off your symmetry and cost you points.
  • Bad Posing will not allow you to display your physique in a manner that justifies the hard work you have put in.
  • Bad posing quite simply will turn the judges off.

So how do you get the eye catching posing worthy of a pro?

Book me for a posing session!

ahorapro posingsml

 Why Pose with Sarah?

  • I am PNBA and WNBF Pro Miss Universe
  • I am a triple World Champion in 3 different federations (INBA/UFE/WNBF).
  • I am Pro Qualified in both Figure and Physique categories in 3 natural federations simultaneously (PNBA/UFE/WNBF).
  • I am the ONLY competitor in Australia who has achieved this.
  • I have competed and won in ALL Australian federations (natural and non natural), and 3 international federations, which means I know the subtle differences between all of the federations at every level.
  • I am renowned for the exceptional quality of my own posing, so I can show you what poses are banned or frowned upon.
  • Because I am on the judging panel for a federation, I KNOW what the judges are really looking for

pro posingsml


How much will it cost?

Pro Bronze: 1 x 1 hour one on one – $100

  • Physique Assessment
  • Which category is right for you
  • The Art of Posing (for your category)
  • Stage Walk (if Applicable)
  • Reference Photos to take away for practice

Pro Silver: 1 x 1.5 hours one on one – $140

  • 1 hour Pro Bronze +
  • Judging criteria
  • Deportment and Stage presence
  • Grooming/Presentation

Pro Gold: 1 x 2 hours one on one – $175

  • 1 hour Pro Silver +
  • Stage Strategy
  • The art and strategy of the Posedown (if applicable)
  • Secret unspoken rules of stage etiquette


  • I will come to your gym and coach your competitors for up to 2 hours – $30/competitor

Package of 3 Sessions: $270 *

Package of 5 Sessions: $395

*Most Popular


pro posingsml


posing symmetry 2


posing symmetry

Love to hear your thoughts!

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