Competition Q & A

  • Are you thinking about competing?
  • Have you heard lots of stories about how difficult it is to compete, how hard it is and it’s got you a bit concerned?
  • Have you started on the path to your first competition but pulled out?
  • Have you heard that competing will mess up your health and that scares you?
  • You’re preparing for your first show, but don’t know where to get jewelery, bikinis, heels or who to get to do your hair, makeup and tan?
  • Are you just completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Call me!

lets talk sml


We can have a detailed chat and you can ask me anything and everything you want to know about competing.

Let me clear up all of your confusion and get you started out on the right track.

Why talk to Sarah?

  • I am a triple World Champion (INBA/UFE/WNBF).
  • I am Pro Qualified in both Figure and Physique categories in 3 natural federations (PNBA/UFE/WNBF).
  • I have competed in all Australian federations (natural and non natural), and 3 international federations (ANB/IFBB/INBA/WNBF/UFE).
  • Last year, I took on an epic task of competing in 9 competitions, in 9 weeks, in 3 different states in Australia and 3 different countries. The last 3 weeks were all overseas world titles.
  • During that epic I took a total of 15 flights, the longest being 15 hours, and I not only maintained, but improved my condition.
  • In each new city I had to source hair, makeup, tanners, places to stay, gyms, supermarkets, figure out how to get around and do it in such a way that stress and being out of routine didn’t affect my physique or performance.
  • I have assisted many competitors at all levels – amateur and pro
  • I have helped many IFBB Professionals with their top coat/glaze and costume corrections and was most recently called upon to assist the Pro Tan tanners at the Arnold Classic.
  • I have worked as backstage crew across all Australian federations
  • I have prepped and readied their own competitors for stage
  • I am an ANB Judge
  • I know how manage my diet and lifestyle post comp and off season with no blowouts
  • I eat my way to stage – no starvation diets or hideous amounts of cardio here!
  • I know what it takes to compete when you’re way outside your comfort zone and in the realms of the unknown.

lets talk sml

How much does it cost?

 Espresso – $50

  • 45 mins one on one via phone/skype or at a cosy cafe*

Long black – $90

  • 90 mins one on one via phone/skype or at a cosy cafe*


  • 2 x 45 mins one on one via phone/skype or at a cosy cafe*

Full Fat Mocha Frappachino with 2 – $140

  • The more the merrier! 90mins with a group of up to 4 at a cosy cafe*


  • Spend the morning or afternoon with me, pick my brains about anything and everything competiton, diet or nutrition related.
  • Make your own agenda – it could include how and where I shop for competition bling, shoes. Where I go to eat out when on comp diet, how to identify comp friendly food…its your call.


  • Do you have a number of clients wanting to compete?
  • Have they been bombarding you with questions?
  • Are you answering the same questions over and over again?
  • Let me come and talk to your group, and give them a real insiders perspective of how to compete safely and have fun doing it

– 2 hours: P.O.A

  • N.B Preferred Cafe locations: Richmond, St Kilda, St Kilda East, Prahran, South Yarra, South Melbourne, Southbank, Melbourne CBD

lets talk sml


posing symmetry




Love to hear your thoughts!

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