Competition Preparation

So you think you want to compete?

Whatever your journey is, what ever the circumstances that have led you to this point, making the decision to compete is huge and it will be a life changing experience.

  • It will be challenging, physically and mentally.
  • It will require discipline and focus you didn’t know you had.
  • There will be days when everything about it sucks and there will be days when its the best thing you’ve ever done.

And when you get there, standing on stage, looking the best you’ve ever looked, in front of a large appreciative audience, your friends and family cheering you on, you can congratulate yourself for achieving something that is special, something that is beyond most people’s capability or imagination.

You’re excited, you’re going to look amazing, you can’t wait to get started…


  • How are you going to do it?
  • What do you need to eat?
  • How much do you need to eat?
  • How do you lose the fat and not the muscle that you’ve worked so hard for?
  • You’ve heard you have to do hours of cardio, is this true?
  • You’ve heard that you’re going to be starving, tired, lacking in energy is this true?
  • You’ve heard that you can only eat chicken and brocoli for what seems like EVER…


I am here to help!

prep me sml

Who is Sarah?

  • I am 2 x Professional Miss Universe (PNBA, WNBF)
  • I am a triple World Champion (INBA/UFE/WNBA)
  • I am Pro Qualified in both Figure and Physique categories in 3 natural federations (PNBA/UFE/WNBF)
  • I have competed, and won, in all Australian federations (natural and non natural) at all levels from regional, state, national and international. I am probably the only competitor in Australia who has done this.
  • I am currently the only WNBF World Champion and Pro in Australia.
  • In 2014, I took on an epic task of competing in 9 competitions, in 9 weeks, in 3 different states in Australia and 3 different countries. The last 3 weeks were all overseas world titles.
  • in 2015, I had a 3 month long season, involving 4 individual overseas trips

Why Choose Sarah?

  • I have documented evidence that my methods can improve certain many health markers.
  • I believe in ‘Eating my way to stage’ – as much food as possible for as long as possible, and I want that for you.
  • I follow evidence based lifestyle nutrition processes, ensuring you eat the food that you like on a plan that is tailored to fit in with your lifestyle
  • As someone who is coeliac and lactose intolerant, I am well versed in catering for all dietary requirements – I tailor all of my meal plans to each individual
  • I am currently assisting on a 10 week weight loss challenge and have created meal plans for: Diabetic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nut free requirements.
  • I am currently working with competitors who have a range of other conditions such as: PCOS, IBS, Hyperthyroidism.
  • My own prep is so safe and healthy, that despite flying all over the world, not only do I maintain, but I actually improve my condition.
  • My own prep is so safe and healthy that I have the energy and stamina to back up competitions on consecutive days, frequently in different states and still look great.
  • Over the last 5 years or so I have studied (and experimented on myself) with a wide variety of diet styles from Paleo, Clean Eating, Blood Type Diet, Metabolic Type Diet, S.A.D, Chek, Poliquin, Atkins, Zone, CSIRO, Ketogenic (Standard, Targeted, Cyclical), Volume, Staggered, Carb Back-loading, Carb Cycling, Anabolic Diet, 5/2, IF, ‘Flexible dieting’ – you may not have even heard of some of them. I’ve done them, so I know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Some preparers follow a single methodology and try to shoehorn everyone into that methodology. I don’t. One size does not fit all, so I will pick the methodology that works best for you.
  • I have completed certificates in Nutrition and Sports Nutrition from Beck Health and the Sports Dietitians of Australia.
  • I am studying for my ISSN – the only nutrition qualification recognized world wide for athletes
  • I have completed the INBA’s, International Academy of Physique Conditioning.
  • I am a certified Master of NLP, NRT and Hypnosis.


prep me sml

My Promise to you:


I will educate you every step of the way, explaining what the process is and why I’m asking you to do it. The aim here is to raise your awareness of how to manage your nutritional needs when preparing for competition, provide you with a detailed understanding of the journey that we are going on together.

There are preparers out there who expect you to blindly follow their instructions without question, but I believe this is your journey, your body, your health at stake here and I expect you to ask questions, so that you can gain the confidence and reassurance that you need.



Your health is my highest priority. I promise that I will have you eating plenty of good wholesome foods that provide your body with the balanced nutrition it needs during this exceptional phase.

I do not believe in the ‘starve and flog’ approach. That is old school, founded on ignorance and I would love to see it gone from competition preparation techniques (sorry mini rant there!). I will include your  favourite ‘cannot live without’ foods into your diet – yes, that includes chocolate, ice cream, muffins – whatever it is for you!

I will build your plan around your lifestyle whether that be date night that includes a movie and popcorn, or enjoying the cafe culture, or your coffee and a cake on a sunday – all this is possible. I do it, so why shouldn’t you?

My ladies have proven, documented evidence that my diet improves their health. I have also prepped ladies who on previous preps lost their cycle, yet didn’t on my diet plan. I am currently working with clients with conditions such as PCOS, IBS, Adrenal fatigue.


Competing can be difficult, I’m not going to lie to you.

It can be, and often is emotionally, mentally and physically challenging – even with the best prep methods in the world – and that is why I am here for you.

  • I am your support system
  • I am your back up
  • I am your shoulder to cry on (it happens!)
  • I will answer any and every question you have, every step of the way, to the best of my ability.
  • I will provide reassurance, understanding and comfort so that you know your well-being is paramount and your concerns are my concerns.

Competition preparation is like entering into a relationship, it is a journey – one built on trust.

When you sign up with me, you know I’ve got your back every step of the way.

My aim is for you to get on stage looking healthy, happy, in the best condition you can be on the day, full of energy and having enjoyed the process.

prep me sml

Here’s a few words from my beautiful clients:

Rochelle Cupido (Sydney – Novice Bikini)

Sarah Taylor Stage Angels Female Competition PreparationSarah Taylor Stage Angels Female Competition PreparationSarah Taylor Stage Angels Female Competition Preparation

rochelle email   rocheele email3rochelle email 4

rochelle email2

rocheele email4

Diah Whitworth (Melbourne – WNBF Bikini)

Sarah Taylor Stage Angels Female Competition Preparation stage angels1 stage angels


Aroha Hicks (Melbourne – Post Comp Rehab Diet + Posing)

Sarah Taylor Stage Angels Competition Preparation

What do you get?

Initial Consultation ($100)

One on one or phone/skype discussion covering:

  • Which competition you’re aiming for
  • Your current training
  • Your current diet and body composition
  • Dieting methods used previously (if applicable)

Following the consultation you will receive a detailed, completely customised preparation plan and schedule. This is yours to keep even if you decide not to go ahead.

Full Preparation ($100/week)

  • Fortnightly progress review until 10 weeks out, weekly progress review from 10 weeks until competition day
  • Detailed nutritional plan, guidelines, and sample diets.
  • Diets completely customised, taking into account personal preferences, food intolerences/allergies/conditions, and favourite foods that you cannot live without included
  • Full email support to answer any questions or concerns that you may have
  • Phone support 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week
  • Regular face to face catchups (if in Melbourne) for progress measurement (Skin folds) or assessment via photos if face to face not feasible.
  • Peak Week planning and advice
  • Competition day planning and advice
  • Backstage assistance on the day (if required/feasible)
  • Costume/tanning advice
  • Hair/makeup/bikini selection advice (if required…not limited to females!)
  • Posing, Stage presence and deportment advice

Post Competition Support (optional, highly recommended $100/week )

The few weeks immediately post competition can be extremely hard. Your body is in a space it does not want to be and it will do everything it can to get back to a more ‘normal’ level as soon as it can. This can lead to hormonally triggered mood swings, food binges, feelings of being out of control, cravings, depressive and negative thoughts and feelings.

This is where the vast majority of coaches leave you flat, with no support, no advice and no assistance other than ‘eat whatever you like’. this is highly irresponsible and is why I thoroughly recommend you take up the post competition support that I offer.

What you get:

  • For up to 8 weeks advice, assistance, guideance and support by phone and email
  • Full Reverse diet plans


Reverse Diet plan only – $80/plan

prep me sml

When should I start?

  •  The earlier you contact me the better, as I need time to assess where you’re currently at. I would prefer not take to take on anyone at less than 20 weeks out from their competition as I believe in the slow and gentle approach to bringing you in, to minimise stress on your metabolism.
  • As a rough guideline, I aim for an average weight loss rate of 0.5kg/week and with a goal to bring you in 2 weeks early, this means that if you think you have more than 9kg to lose you will need to contact me more than 20 weeks out.
  • At the Initial Consultation I will require the following information:
    • 2 days food diary – include meal times, weights of items, what time you train, current supplements
    • Skin Folds/Dexa Scan less than 2 weeks old
    • Blood tests (less than 3 months old)
    • Front and Back photo (not selfies) of you in Bikini/Crop Top & Shorts (Women), bare chest/mid length shorts/’bonds’ (guys)


posing symmetry posing symmetry 2

Love to hear your thoughts!

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