Competition Day Backstage Assistance


You’ve trained, you’ve dieted, you’ve practised your posing, you’re now in the best shape of your life – all you have to do is turn up on the day and bring it home right?

If you’re like every competitor out there, the closer you get to competition day, it seems there is more and more to think about, organise and worry about – doubts start creeping into your mind – are you ready? Will you come in properly? What will you look like on the day?

Then you suddenly find yourself with a myriad of questions whirling around your brain:-

  • It’s my first time, what do I need to do on the day?
  • When should I get there?
  • What time will I be on stage?
  • What happens if the show is running early?
  • What happens if the show is running late?
  • What should I eat?
  • When should I eat?
  • How much should I eat?
  • I’ve heard about spill over – what’s that? Will it happen to me?
  • How do I know when to pump up?
  • What if my costume rides up and I get a wedgie on stage?
  • My trainer/girlfriend/boyfriend/hubby/wife couldn’t make it/ I’m from Interstate/Overseas – who’s going to help me?
  • Who’s going to put on my tan!!??

If this is you and it’s really starting to freak you out, cause you stress and anxiety or distract you in the lead up to your competition…


Take a deep breath and call Stage Angels!

call angels

What can a Stage Angel do for me?

  • A Stage Angel will be there to guide you, to watch over you, to ensure all that preparation for your big day comes together perfectly.
  • A Stage Angel will consult with you in the week(s) leading up to your competition and advise you on how to manage that final crucial week as well as competition day itself.
  • A Stage Angel can advise you on your posing (male, female, all divisions)
  • A Stage Angel can advise you what and how much food/water to take on the day, provide you with a plan or work with your existing plan.
  • On the day itself, a Stage Angel will be there for you – to apply your top coat, tell you what to eat and when to eat it, when to drink.
  • A Stage Angel will assist you with when and how to pump up, find out how the show is running, adjust your preparation accordingly.
  • A Stage Angel will answer all your questions, run errands, do the thinking for you, keep you calm and focused.
  • A Stage Angel will ensure your costume is fitted and stuck perfectly, so there are no wardrobe malfunctions or wedgies to worry about.
  • A Stage Angel will see to any need that you have, to ensure your big day runs without a hitch.

All that is left for you to do is relax and enjoy yourself – safe in the knowledge that you are in the best, most experienced hands, so you can concentrate totally on the important stuff – namely, rocking the stage!

Why Stage Angels?

  • Stage Angels have assisted many competitors at all levels – amateur and pro
  • Stage Angels have helped many IFBB Professionals with their top coat/glaze and costume corrections and were most recently called upon to assist the Pro Tan tanners at the Arnold Classic.
  • Stage Angels have worked as backstage crew across all Australian federations
  • Satge Angels are themselves amateur world champions and pro qualified competitors
  • Stage Angels have prepped and readied their own competitors for stage

In short, Stage Angels know competition day!

call angels

How Much does a Stage Angel Cost?

Stage Angel (1 category): $75

  • Meet you at the venue
  • Top coat/Glaze application
  • Costume fitting and sticking
  • The perfect Pump Up process
  • Posing checks
  • Schedule management
  • General competition day advice, reassurance and nerve calming

Arch Angel (Full Day/2+ Categories): $100

  • Meet you at the venue, or by arrangement chauffeur you to/from home/venue
  • Top coat/Glaze application
  • Food management throughout the time you are at the venue
  • Fluid management for the day
  • Costume fitting and sticking
  • The perfect Pump Up process
  • Posing checks
  • Schedule management
  • General competition day advice, reassurance and nerve calming

Optional Extras:

Virtue (Competition day food planning): $45

  • 1 x 30 min skype/phone/face to face discussion of your competition day meal plan, food management on the day, competition day Q&A

Cherubim (Full Peak Week planning): $75

  • 1 x 90 min or 2x45min skype/phone/face to face discussion of your peak week plan, food management on the day, peak week/competition day Q&A

Seraphim (The whole day captured in high quality photos): $35

  • Memorable photos of the day – backstage and on stage. Photo DVD of magazine quality images.

call angels

Want to hear from some of our beautiful clients?

eliyan3 eliyan2 eliyan

Eliyan Lobez  (IFBB Pro)

IFBB Australasian Grand Prix (FitX) March 2014

  • 1st Pro Qualifier
  • 8th Pro Show

mary2 mary1

Mary Carra (PNBA Pro Figure & Physique)

INBA Southern Cross April 2014

  • 1st Figure Novice
  • 2nd Figure Open

INBA Melbourne Titles May 2014

  • Miss Melbourne Champion


I first met Sarah at an ANB Workshop several weeks prior to competing at my first figure comp. I possessed so much fear and lack of knowledge on what to do that day and called upon Sarah’s services to assist me on comp day. When I arrived backstage on Comp day, I was feeling quite stressed and anxious that I had to be ready for stage in 40 minutes. Sarah was already there and after giving me her first few directions, I immediately knew I was in safe hands! I felt so reassured knowing that all I had to do was simply follow Sarah’s instructions. We were advised that the show running 15 minutes ahead of schedule by an INBA official so I needed to be ready sooner. Sarah’s knowledge, guidance, support, intuition, and ability to quickly adapt and work this within these constraints to get me looking my best was incredible! Looking back on this day, I would hate to imagine what would have happened without her support. Sarah was my angel on this day. I placed 1st in Figure Novice and 2nd Overall on this day. Her support to get me looking and feeling my best was truly unbelievable. My best friend who was also there with me backstage was in awe of Sarah’s influence and support when seeing her in action in prepping me. My friend will be calling upon Sarah’s services to help her with for her first comp day prep. I was my best out there on stage because of Sarah and when I reflect back on this special day, Sarah features so fondly in them, I could cry! Words cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you ever so much Sarah! – Mary Carra

rose4 rose3 rose2 rose

Rose Black (PNBA Pro Figure & Physique)

IFBB Australian Grand Prix (FitX) March 2014

  • 1st Figure Novice

INBA Southern Cross (Filex) April 2014

  • 1st Figure International
  • 1st Figure Open

After FitX: Hoping that you are still going to be at FILEX- I need your tanning expertise again, lol! Seriously you really kept me calm and focused backstage too- I am so greatful and so happy to have finally met someone I admire so much and had been following (I refuse to call it stalking, lol). Thanks again so much and I hope you are well xx

After Filex: I sooooooo would love to have you as my stage mum every time so step on stage!! Honestly- thankyou from the bottom if my heart! My tan was awesome and I felt secure and calm knowing you were there to tell me what to do next- Mary was the same- you have two huuuuuuge fans!!


Tracey Lunam (UFE Pro Figure)

ANB South Coast (2014), Shellharbour, NSW

  • 1st Figure Novice
  • 1st Figure Masters
  • 1st Figure Open – Overall Champion

Kellie Bryce

ANB South Coast (2014), Shellharbour, NSW

  • Novice Fitness


 call angels

Love to hear your thoughts!

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