Inside Scoop on International Competition Q & A

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Date & Time: Thur 22nd October, 7:00pm AEST


You’re competing Internationally….


You’re Competing Internationally!!

Whilst you’re completely familiar and comfortable competing here in Australia – have you competed overseas before?

It’s a very different experience:

  • The show formats are different
  • The T-Walks are different
  • The poses in some cases are different – and they’re not listed on websites!
  • Do you know what you need to do for your category?
  • You’ve got to get there, get over the jet lag, get yourself back into condition – how do you do that?
  • You’ve got to find accommodation, a gym, the shops – what if you can’t find the foods you’re used to eating?
  • Who’s going to help you backstage?
  • Who will do your hair, tan and makeup?

There’s a whole world of extra things you’ve got to think about and organise when competing overseas – how are you going to cope?

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Relax – Help is at Hand!

As triple World Figure & Physique Champion, 2 x Pro Miss Universe, professional in 6 categories in 3 different federations, I know exactly what it takes to shine on stage in a foreign country, at the highest level, in the biggest lineups and I will be running a webinar to answer all your questions.

What we’ll discuss:

We will cover topics such as:

  • The competition and category you are competing in (focus on INBA Natural Olympia & UFE World Championships)
  • Posing for your category and how it differs from Australia
  • The Show Format for your category and how it differs from Australia
  • T-Walks for your category (if relevant)
  • Posing Routines (where relevant)
  • International Judging criteria and how it differs from Australia
  • International Travel and competing
    • How to handle the flight
    • How to get back into show condition after the flight
    • Resources I use

 And much, much more!

Get the Inside Scoop!


Date & Time: Thur 22nd October, 7:00pm AEST




Love to hear your thoughts!

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