3 Month Champions Challenge

Diet & Fitness Program Outline

Hi Fellow Entrepreneurs!

For those of you who were on the Entrepreneurship Mastermind webinar 23rd June, here is an outline of my 3 month ‘Champion Challenge’ Program designed to create a new healthier you.

The program is open to everyone and as Roger mentioned, we aim to align your journey with my own progress as I prepare for the WNBF Professional Miss Universe in New York, 19th September.

We will be kicking it off the week beginning Mon 13th July. 

Why choose Sarah?

  • I believe in ‘Eating your way to health’ – I don’t believe in ‘diets’ per se, but in giving you the strategies and tools to create a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life – no calorie slashing or starving happening here. If you have a pre-existing condition I can work with that (I am a coeliac and dairy intolerant myself) and if you are working with other practitioners/trainers I am also happy to work with them to ensure the best outcome for you.
  • Over the last 5 years or so I have read, researched and experimented on myself with a wide variety of diet styles from Paleo, Clean Eating, Blood Type Diet, Metabolic Type Diet, SAD/ADG, Chek, Poliquin, Atkins, Zone, CSIRO, Ketogenic (Standard, Targeted, Cyclical), Volume, Staggered, Carb Backloading, Carb Frontloading, Carb Cycling, Dukkan, Anabolic Diet, 5/2, IF, ‘Flexible dieting’.

You may not have even heard of some of them. I’ve done them, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

  • One size does not fit all, and what works for one person might not work for another, so I will assess your body type and pick the methodology or blend several in a combination that works best for you and your overall goals
  • The biggest keys to my own success have been Awareness and Accountability – I will help you gain awareness of the habits and choices that have resulted in you being where you are, I will challenge you to take responsibility for your own health and will provide a framework of accountability, that will allow you to see real results.
  • As World Figure Champion, every year I eat my way down to 6% body fat without cravings, hormonal imbalances, metabolic damage, post competition binges or blow outs and without resorting to excess exercise.
  • I have successfully completed certificates in Nutrition and Sports Nutrition from the Sports Dietitians Association of Australia.
  • I have completed the INBA’s, International Academy of Physique Conditioning.
  • I am a certified Master of NLP, NRT and Hypnosis.
  • My specialist niche is the highly complex world of natural physique competitor preparation – all of the competitors I have coached onto stage have had their health improved by following my methods.
  • I am an expert in fixing damaged metabolisms.

My Promise to you:

Guide – I will educate you every step of the way, explaining what we’re going to do and why I’m asking you to do it. The aim here is to raise your awareness of how to manage your nutritional needs, fit them into your lifestyle and provide you with a detailed understanding of the journey that we are going on – and it is a journey

I will include your  favourite ‘cannot live without’ foods into your diet and yes, that includes chocolate, ice cream, burger and chips, hot buttery toast…whatever it is for you.


Absolutely! One of the (many) reasons most diets fail is because they eliminate ‘bad’ foods, which ultimately makes you feel deprived. Once you feel deprived, then that is what you will focus on and start craving. This sets you up for an increasingly difficult battle with your willpower, which ultimately you will lose and you’ll slip off the wagon, often landing into a cycle of  guilt, anxiety and feelings of being a failure.

I don’t demonise any foods, no food is inherently good or bad, that’s just an artificial label we put onto something. All things have a time and a place and we will work together to identify what that is for you.

Guard – Your health is my highest priority. I promise that I will have you eating plenty of good wholesome foods that provide your body with the balanced nutrition it needs to get you to the goals you have set.

There are coaches out there who expect you to follow their instructions without question, but this is your journey, your body, your health at stake here, and I expect you to ask questions, so that you can gain the confidence, knowledge and reassurance that you need.

Nurture – Changing lifelong habits and building new healthier habits can be difficult, I’m not going to lie to you.

It can be, and often is emotionally, mentally and physically challenging – particularly if you’ve tried everything before and failed – and that is why I am here for you.

I am your support system, your back up, your shoulder to cry on (it happens!) – I will answer any and every question you have, every step of the way, to the best of my ability.

I will provide reassurance and understanding, so that you know your well-being is paramount and your concerns are my concerns.

My aim is for you to reach your goal in the best health of your life; happy, full of energy, confident that you can maintain your new self for the rest of your life, and, most importantly you have enjoyed the process.


So what does the program involve?

You will get:

  • 1 x 1hr one on one initial consultation
  • Weekly or Fortnightly, 30min one on one check ins
  • 1 x Monthly Group Q & A Webinar
  • Full access to me via email, or fb if you have any questions.
  • If required, fully customised nutrition plans and training suggestions
  • 1 x 30min Follow up call, 1 month after the program finishes to check on how you’re continuing to progress

Initial Consultation

During this call we will go through your goals, your current lifestyle, your current activity, what you’ve tried previously and what challenges you’re facing. We’ll create a detailed personal history that I can use to identify how and what we need to work on, what our starting point will be and how we can work within your current lifestyle to reach your goals.

If your goal is weight loss, we’ll go into setting realistic targets.

On this call we will identify your first steps and action points to work on for your next call.

Regular Check Ins

In the regular check in calls, we will review your actions from the previous call, work through any challenges, issues, questions and then set your next set of action points.

On signing up

You will receive access to 2 documents – a detailed personal history questionnaire and a check in spreadsheet where we will track your on-going progress

You will also receive 2 invitations: One for booking your initial consultation, the other for your regular check ins.

  • The detailed personal history questionnaire needs to be filled in and returned prior to your initial consultation
  • The check in spreadsheet needs to be filled in prior to each scheduled catch up

Key Dates

  • 13th July: Program Starts
  • 13th July – 24th July: Initial Consultations
  • 27th July: 1st Group Webinar (Time TBC)
  • 24th August: 2nd Group Webinar (Time TBC)
  • 5th October: 3rd Group Webinar (Time TBC)

So how much does it cost?

The program is $500/month, payment plans are available.


How do I contact you?

If you have any questions, please email me: sarloutay@gmail.com


I look forward to working towards a new healthier you!


INBA, WNBF, UFE World Figure Champion + Professional

INBA, WNBF, UFE World Physique Champion + Professional


2014 World Competition Results:


INBA World Cup (Los Angeles)

OVERALL Figure Champion

1st Figure Open (class 2)

1st Figure Masters (o40)

1st Physique Open

1st Physique Masters (040)


WNBF World Championships (Boston)

OVERALL Figure Champion

1st Figure Open (class 2)

1st Figure Masters (o40)

1st Physique Open


UFE World Championships (Toronto)

1st Physique Open

1st (tied) Figure Open


DSC_4488 fit cropped mad maxine


Love to hear your thoughts!

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