In the immortal words of the great Troy McClure…

Hi, my name is Sarah Taylor. Some of you may recognise me from other blogs such as Kilimanjaro Here I come!, Baggy to Buff – My Fat to Fantastic Transformation  and most recently So you Think You Want to Be a Figure Competitor


Welcome to the sequel of ‘So You Think You Want to be a Figure Competitor’ where I documented my journey from the time I freaked myself out completely when I made the spur of the moment decision to compete in a figure competition to the time I stepped on stage 10 weeks later as a starry eyed novice…and then hung on for dear life as the ride turned wild!

I had absolutely no idea what I’d got myself into and I wanted to capture it all – the good bits, the bad bits, the emotional bits, the random bits, the weird bits and, as it turned out, the successful bits that exceeded all my expectations

these are my results from my 1st 3 shows…

INBA Victorian Titles, MVRC, Melbourne 

1st Figure Novice (class 1)

2nd Figure Overall

3rd Figure International

INBA Australian Titles, MVRC, Melbourne

3rd Figure Novice

3rd Figure International

INBA Universe Titles, Brisbane

3rd Figure Masters 40+

4th Figure Novice (class 1)

5th Figure International Masters (class 1) 40+

I look back on this and I’m still amazed and very proud – I wasn’t physically big enough – plenty of people told me that,  I couldn’t train properly due to my injured shoulders (I’ll find out in the next few days if surgery is required..will keep you posted!), I had to learn everything from scratch – the posing, the stripper heels! and I’d only given myself 10 weeks to do it all – kamikaze as always – thats me! maybe thats why my trainer calls me ‘Mad Dog’…hmmm…

At the time it was only going to be just one show…

I never in my wildest dreams have thought there would be a sequel…

but there is – and this time its for real…this time I will have a proper preparation – a full 6 months of building my physique – my weaknesses will become my strengths, my strengths will become perfected – no more being a random blow in from nowhere with great legs! I have full 6 months in which to perfect my posing, a full 6 months to prepare free routines, a full 6 months for Jo Rogers to create me a stunning bikini….

a full 6 months to turn my legs into the stuff of legends!


if you haven’t followed me before then its probably a good time to let you in on a little secret…I do tend to go off into la-la land every now and then…you’ll probably need to take some of the stuff I say with a large pinch of salt…heck why not keep a truckload handy? 🙂

you’ll figure it out!

ok back to where I was…

I am no longer a novice, but since I’ve only been bodybuilding for 3 months (!!! seems like years!)  I guess that makes me a rookie, so this time round I want to show how it is different. I’ll show how I cycle my training – bulking and cutting or however Aiden (my trainer for those who are new!) decides to work it. You’ll get to meet Aiden (maybe..he’s shy..!) and if I can persuade him, maybe he’ll part with a few tips and tricks here and there! I’ll show how I plan my diet – not that there is one at the moment, still taking baby steps with re-introducing food after my last comp – maybe I’ll write something about that, its all part of the learning process!

What shows am I doing? I haven’t quite worked that bit out yet – so I’ll go through the selection process of that. Last year I chose INBA purely becuase it didn’t involve doing a routine – I’d only given myself 10 week to prepare anyway and trying to learn a dance routine on top of learning to strut on those heels and posing all just seemed a bit too much! This year I want to challenge myself – 2 left feet into bodybuildings version of Ginger Rodgers…???

What bikini’s am I going to wear, am I going to change my look at all or do I want it to become my brand?

There’s plenty to write about!

and yes, there’ ll probably still be plenty of random bits, weird bits, emotional bits – in fact I’m almost certain there’ll be a meltdown or 2 along the way…it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t!

anyway, drop in every now and then, follow along and hopefully enjoy the journey as much as I’ll enjoy going on it

see you soon!