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Well it seems like forever since I last wrote anything – I feel like I’ve been neglecting you all, so I apologise for that! I do however have a very good reason…

First of all let me just say WOW! What an absolutely CRAZY, AMAZING  few months I’ve just had.

Back in May I quit my job cold, I couldn’t stand being in it, so I quit it – I was going to follow my dream and become a weight loss coach, help people achieve the transformation that they deserved, the transformation  that I have had and to show them that it is possible – I wrote a whole blog post on following your dreams – I just re-read it and it is so true.  I completed a nutrition course to assist me towards that goal (I passed with flying colours and got 97%! I lost the 3% on calculating the % protein in some food…the irony!). Back in May was when I was told by Oxygen magazine that they were going to include me as an ‘Inspirational Aussie’, I wrote up my story and concluded by saying how I was determined to follow the new opportunities that were coming my way

Sarah Taylor Oxygen Magazine Inspirational AussieSarah Taylor Oxygen Magazine Inspirational AussieSarah Taylor Oxygen Magazine Inspirational Aussie

I wrote about how I was maybe not meant to compete this year so that I could take a look at the bigger picture and so it has proved. You see having quit my job to free up my time to look at other opportunities, I thought that bigger picture was the weight loss coaching and whilst I do love helping people with their diet and talking to them about nutrition, there is another thing that has really been providing me with a lot joy, it also helps me reach people in ways that I never thought about and I have been receiving some incredible feedback for a year now – since I started my first competition blog ‘So You Think You Want To Be A Figure Competitor’.

That other thing that has become increasingly important to me and has led to opportunities of its own is – my writing. I wrote in my Oxy article about the power of writing, I’ve written in several blog posts how much it means to me – I write from the heart with all of me on the page and it was back in February, that an idea came to me, that was so startling in its clarity that  it woke me in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. An idea so crazy that I just couldn’t shake it.

This idea was so out there, and shook me up so much leaving me in a complete daze that I knew I had to do it – I had to follow this – this was the same feeling I had when I woke up in a cold sweat and knew I had to come to Australia – it was that big.

I just didn’t know how I was going to implement this idea.

They say when the student is ready, the master will appear…

And so it proved. I’ve been dabbling in online stuff for a few years now and one person who I have met, and followed his practices and watched him become the absolute guru in online business creation is Ed Dale.

so when an email from Ed arrived in my inbox, I read it with increasing excitement…he was taking on just 5 people to mentor for a year. This is huge – access to Ed at anytime to pick his brains – this I HAD to do, so I applied and to my delight got an interview.

Interviews are something that I do very well.

The first 15 minutes of the interview Ed specifically tried to talk me out of signing up with him – he talked about it being hard work, full on, the helpdesk was staffed by the grumpiest, least sympathetic staff in the world i.e him.

But I was not going to budge, I had 10 minutes to pitch myself to him – when it comes to selling ‘me’ I could sell snow to eskimoes!

So I pitched for 5 minutes, about setting up as a weight loss coach, helping people achieve their ideal body etc but somehow I could tell it wasn’t really flying, so I just threw my crazy idea out there

me: ‘you know Ed, my ultimate goal, the really big picture…? I want to start a magazine’

Ed: ‘really? tell me more’

me: ‘Ok Ed we’ve got 3 minutes, if ever you need to learn to speed listen, now is that time’

and I talked AT him – 6 minutes of rapid fire ideas, pictures, themes for at least 7 issues, I wanted it to be interactive, have calculators, videos, I knew the title – I could SEE the title, it was big and it was shiny

And then I stopped..and took a breath.

Ed: ‘Thank you Sarah for your time, you’ve got some good ideas, I’ll let you know by Friday’. And he hung up.

It was Wednesday – AAARRGHHH! 2 days of anxious waiting – I’d poured everything into that 6 minutes, laid everything on the line – I’d even borrowed the money from my mortgage to pay for the chance.

That is how much I wanted to be mentored by this guy.

Friday came…nervous, will I get the email I want? I must have checked my email every 10 minutes and by 4pm nothing!!

COME ON already!

and then there it was…

it simply said:

‘Praise the deity of your choice, you’re in’

I’m IN! Yay! I’m being mentored by ED DALE!! woohoo!!

So the next few months I got stuck into focusing on weight loss type stuff and I was making progress there was a lot to do and I couldn’t keep up whilst working a full time job, which is partly why I quit the job – if I was going to do the weight loss coach thing I needed to commit to it full time.

And whilst I was doing that, the magazine idea just wouldn’t go away – but I had no idea how I was going to implement it.

Until June. Ed had a 1 day conference and as a mentoree it was free, so I wandered along.

And it was good – Ed’s stuff is always good – and then the last hour Ed announced that he was going to introduce something that was going to blow us all away – if we wanted to stay that is.

Standard conference tactics…give you good stuff all day then suck you in for the ‘special’ announcement, but stay I did

and there it was


one small word…

and it blew me away.

This was it. This is how I could create a magazine. THIS was how I was going to do it. In that one word, everything crystalised into razor sharp clarity.

The room, the people around me all disappeared as the entire of my being was focused with laser like precision on Ed.

This was a full step by step process to create a magazine on the iPad in Newsstand.

I signed up and paid the $2000 before I even knew what the special offer was!

I was trembling with excitement and fear – what have I just done? I have borrowed more money from my mortgage to do something that I have no idea how I’m going to do it or what it entails!

I don’t even own an iPad!

What can I say, the process has been amazing, it has been the most intense experience – I have had to put myself out there, ask people for help, information and content. I have met people who I would never normally ask to meet, I have interviewed, video’d become half way decent at graphics designing, the learning curve has been vertical, but I have done it

may I present

Figure & Physique Magazine!

The magazine created by Figure Competitors for Figure Competitors. It will be covering training, diet, stage presence and looks, bikinis, shoes, tanning, what the judges want, hormone health, there’ll be recipes, body fat and comp prep calculators, surveys, twitter and facebook feeds. There’ll be inspirational figures, current competitor profiles, rising stars, rehab works, stories of real competitors, and off season strategies.

If there is anything you would like to see  or you want to become a contributor let me know here

Figure & Physique Magazine

Figure & Physique MagazineFigure & Physique Magazine

I have to say, it looks amazing on the iPad

And in a few short weeks it will be live in iTunes, ready for you to read

I just have to wait for approval from the gods at Apple.

In the meantime if you head on over to FB an ‘like’ it that is where I’ll be announcing my launch edition special 🙂

Figure & Physique Magazine