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Space thoughts

I write. I miss writing. Today for the first time in a long time I have managed to find my writing space, you know I thought that by starting a magazine it would give me the excuse to write and it has – I have written more than I normally would have done in the same amount of time, but  its not this sort of writing where I’m just talking to you as the words come to me. I have a million things I need to do for the next issue of ‘Figure & Physique’, but its such a lovely day, that I just had to get out and sit at a cafe in the sun. I think I need to make a ‘date’ with myself every week to find my writing space.

I had a weekend away Bright 2 weekends ago – already it seems like a lifetime ago! Bright is my goto de-frazzle place, its such a nice little town at the foothills of the mountains – the sort of place where you can just chat to the old boys over a pint whilst watching the footy in the pub and bizarrely enough I bumped into someone I worked with 10 years ago – I hadn’t seen them for 5 years and they were just stopping by for some food on the way back to Melbourne from the snow!  Its that kind of place and I love it.

So I needed to cut myself a little slack for a few days after the full on frantic 2 months leading up to the launch of Figure & Physique when its been head down, bum up  in getting everything done, I needed a space where I could just be and breathe – I probably would have written if I had more time, but I was so exhausted I just slept…

and ate crap food! 🙂

I think the cafe lady was more than a little surprised when I ordered the pancakes with maple syrup, caramelised banana butter and blueberries with a side of bacon and spinach – and when it arrived I could understand her skepticism that one small person could really eat that much food…



Anyway,  I was just going to share a few thoughts about the magazine and whats its been like creating it – I mean its not something you do every day!

Its available now on the iPad in the app store (

and if you subscribe using the code word: Universe I’m giving you 3 months for FREE!

There are full instructions here

Check it out!

The first edition is 60 pages long! AND I’ve already rolled out some fresh content to existing subscribers, AND this weekend they will also get another update of brand new content – I love it! Thats why the iPad is such a good platform for a magazine! you don’t have to do anything – the new stuff just appears and you get a handy little notification telling you the new stuff has appeared – brilliant!

You know when I started to tell people that I was going to create a magazine, I was met with more than a few raised eyebrows – my own included!  I mean I had no idea of what I was getting into and just how much work was involved – its a full time job outside of my full time job! I mean theres graphics designers to hire and test, social media people to hire, search engine and website people to hire, video and sound editors to hire, images to process, videos to create and have transcribed and then formatted into article shape, there the emails to send out asking people for their recipes, or if I could interview them or for permission to use their photos, coming up with questions, formatting the answers sending it to the graphic designer for layout and formatting, then endless checking for spelling mistakes, grammar corrections, tweaks and reworks of the layout. Research to be done, interesting content to find or write myself. Making sure the process to upload to apple had been completed step by step, waiting for apple to approve and finally launching, coordinating people who were kingdenough to promote it..and a million things I probably have forgotten about – its never ending!

I’ll fess up that there was more than one occasion when I just didn’t think that I could pull it off…

In fact someone voiced my very own thoughts when they asked ‘What do you know about running a magazine’

to which I replied ‘Nothing’

then they mentioned ‘but you don’t know anything about bodybuilding’

to which I answered ‘compared to Arnie, then no I don’t’

But, and here’s why I love it – because I know nothing about running a magazine I am not constrained by existing paradigms, I don’t know what I shouldn’t do, therefore I can do anything I like! I am free to be as creative as the iPad platform allows!

its brilliant! I’ve got so many ideas that I want to try out – some will work and some may not, and that’s all part of the adventure.

And also because I know relatively ‘nothing’ about bodybuilding, again I think that is my huge advantage! I am not constrained by what is supposedly right or wrong, what is supposedly the established way of training or dieting – again I am free to explore ALL possibilities!

And because I am so new in this world of bodybuilding and competing – EVERYTHING fascinates me – I love learning,  I want to know about new theories, training practices, nutritional methodologies, therapies for fixing up broken bodies (particularly relevant to me!).

I want to learn about all of it and as I learn about it so can you, because I will be bringing it to an iPad near you!

And best of all I would love it if you were part of this adventure by contributing

what do you know that we can all learn about or learn from? Is there a particular tip or trick you have for getting extra lean for stage without having to resort to hours of cardio?

Do you have a favourite clean cheat meal recipe or a goto favourite during comp prep

are you, or are you the the trainer of an up and coming ‘star’ to be…?

are you a trainer that is working with a novice and you’re confident enough in your methods to showcase their progress to stage  in a vlog?

are you a dietician or nutritionist who knows about balancing hormones whilst preparing for competition and avoiding metabolic damage?

tell us your favourite training split/workout and why you love it?

have you overcome many obstacles to make it to stage?

Let us all share your stories – this is your magazine too!