Bye Bye 2015, hello 2016


Happy New Year!

Did you survive in one piece? Did you go nuts and party hard? Did you fade out and hit the sack well before 2016 arrived in a flourish of fireworks?

However you celebrated I hope you had fun and I hope you’re all looking forward to everything that the new year promises.

So what does the New Year promise? Before we get on to that, another key question to ask yourself is how did 2015 go for you? Have you looked back on it and reflected on what you achieved – did you write down any goals and did you achieve them,  or did 2015 rush past you in a blur and before you knew it, it had gone? Will 2016 be any different?

As you know I’m always one for setting myself goals and targets – it gives me direction, keeps me on my toes, ensures I continue to learn and grow. And because I set myself goals, I always set aside a short space of time at the end of the year to reflect on what has come and gone and how I stacked up against my expectations – which as we know (sometimes to my own detriment) are waay higher than anyone else expects of me! Often I’m so flat out doing what I’m doing, that I don’t take the time out and really appreciate just how far I’ve come or what I have achieved, which is why this space at the end of the year is so important.

Just like I do with my competitions, I reflect on what worked, what didn’t work and what could be improved.

So here is my 2015 year in review.


  • Win a Pro Show
  • Finally – after 4 years of work – compete at Natural Olympia in Las Vegas
  • Start doing Comp Preps
  • Start doing Posing Coaching
  • Start doing general diet & nutrition coaching


How did I do?

wnbf pro

Better than good…I’m off to a very promising start, with lots of positive’s and some really solid foundation upon which to build going forward.

  • I won 2 pro Miss Universe titles in 2 federations
  • I competed at Natural Olympia and although the show was a huge disappointment to me due to negative politics and petty narrow minded jealousies from one particular official prior to going to Vegas, the atmosphere and vibe from the team as a whole was fantastic and the experience was one that I am very proud to have been part of. I met some wonderful people and I’ll never forget standing on the strip in front of the Bellagio fountains, in my gorgeous bikini, my medals and posing to Elvis and ‘Viva Las Vegas’ – it just doesn’t get any better than that 😀
  • I worked with 2 Aussie competitors and 2 US competitors guiding them through their preps – so I can genuinely claim to be an international comp prep coach! Hehe :-p.
  • I’ve worked with a couple of people to rehab them back into healthy eating after they have suffered through dreadful, starvation comp diets.

I would love to take on more, and I’m definitely aiming to specialize in female comp prepping as far too often it Is being handled appallingly badly and competitors are suffering, but whilst I’m still competing myself I have to be careful not to take on too much, so I can ensure that I am able to provide the highest quality service, advice and support to my athletes. Once I’ve finished competing myself though, I will definitely be aiming to work with more competitors – I love seeing people achieve their goals and being part of their journey is such a privilege.

  • Posing coaching – well, this was such a success it caught me completely by surprise! I was absolutely booked solid for the whole of July and August! And now I’m working with trainers providing exclusive competition coaching & posing class workshop programs.
  • In June I totally lucked out when I randomly went along to a seminar with my housemate and ended up getting a mini mentoring session from a global entrepreneur during the seminar, then afterwards being invited to coach his entire crew for 3 months on their diet & nutrition. I was also given access to exclusive mentoring groups AND was invited to Bali as a speaker at an exclusive inner circle mentoring retreat! It was absolutely amazing – I ended up coaching people in England, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand and Slovakia!! On the back of that I also assisted on a female fat loss program run by a guy in England and have also been asked to provide the diet plans for a 10 week weight loss program for one of my comp prep clients in NSW.

Exciting stuff!

All in all, I think 2015 can be considered a resounding success.

Sarah Taylor PNBA Pro Miss Universe

Alrighty then – onto 2016, what am I aiming for this year?

Well, as I said, there’s some very solid foundations to build upon

On the competition front, I’ve have achieved more, at a higher level than I could ever have imagined. I’ve competed and won in every Australian federation, I’ve won in 3 countries and been to some interesting cities that I would probably never think of going to visit. If I had such a thing as a competition bucket list, then it’s well and truly been ticked off. So that sort of begs the question – is there anything left to achieve? Do I make a new bucket list? Do I continue competing – if so – for what purpose? I’m kind of questioning whether I want to continue, given the direction I’m heading in I’d really like to start focusing more on that – so is 2016 my retirement year? Natural Olympia was going to be my swan song competition and I was so disillusioned, pissed off, fed up and mentally exhausted by the time I got home from Vegas that I was absolutely ready to throw in the towel and not even do the Amateur Olympia the following week, but I didn’t want to go out on such a negative. Amateur Olympia rescued the situation and having the last 2 weeks off being back home in England with my family, I’m now thoroughly rested and ready to get stuck into what’s going to be a very short prep for the Arnies in March, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can improve on the surprise 5th in QLD.

The UKDFBB federation, which is the UK affiliate of the WNBF, has a Pro Figure lineup in October this year which means I can finally compete in the UK – and as it turns out my mum and all her friends are quite keen on coming to watch me! I was totally gobsmacked when mum told me this – it marks a complete turnaround in how they feel about me doing bodybuilding, so I can’t possibly disappoint my fans now can I? :-p

There’s the INBA’s new show in Bali, which handily enough is just 2 weeks after the UKDFBB show and I’ve checked out the venue which looks awesome – another bucket list possibility.

I definitely don’t want to do a long season in 2016 – this year with the split season was just too long and too hard in the end – so I’m going to target specific shows.

Posing Coaching – I definitely want to continue to build up my group classes, one on one’s and see if I can work with more trainers and federations offering pre & post competition workshops, seminars and coaching. There’s not many competitors out there who have the breadth and depth of knowledge that I do, that has come from competing with every Aussie federation, competing in 3 different countries, competing for 3 international federations, judging and winning at every level from regional to state to national to international to international pro. I love helping up and coming competitors and passing on everything I’ve learnt – often the hard way – to give them the best start that they can get. Bail me up and take your stage performance to a whole other level!

If you want to know something or pick my brain, I’m always available for a nice breakfast consultation J

Comp Prep – I already have 4, maybe 5 competitors in prep for Season A, which is awesome. I’m loving it!  You’ve seen how I manage my diet and prep, you’ve seen how I do not starve myself or overtrain, you’ve seen how I still have a life – eating out at my favourite breakfast cafes – even when in full competition mode – if you want this for your prep, just ask me and lets chat.

Diet & Nutrition coaching – I’m in the process of developing my own coaching program I want to continue to work with trainers and health groups, so watch out for that later in the year.

I also have a whole month in Bali, in August, with the Entrepreneurs Institute where I will get coached, mentored, have my business plans pulled apart, micro analyzed and put back together. There will be no stone left unturned here and out of it will come a step by step roadmap ready to be implemented.

So 2016 is shaping up to be another full on, full throttle, exciting, probably surprising year. I can’t wait to get on the plane, head back down under and get started!


Love to hear your thoughts!

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