2015 Post Comp: Reverse Diet Week 1 Roundup

This is version 2.

Version 1, that I started write on Friday sorta went like this:

All good, hit my macros bang on, don’t  know what the fuss is all about, reverse dieting is easy – job done.

The end.


Like I said this is version 2.

Lets take a look at what has been happening – pre-yesterday

Mon, Tue, Wed and Thur have actually all been good – I have completely nailed my macros and overall targets: check this out from Wednesday!

macros wed

This is what it looks like:

perfect day

I’m eating a ton of food and probably hitting my 80/10/10 quality rule most of the time with lots of nice veggies and cherries – looove cherries! I am finding the lack of protein a bit weird and have been running out of my protein macro by afternoon snack so that’s generally been just carbs…how do people eat such tiny amounts of protein a day? I’m on 154g, but some people find that really hard to do. I guess its just what you’re used to.

The gelati + honey after dinner has been working a treat at keeping the raving sugar monster on a leash and because I don’t like dumbing down the quality of my diet so much, I’m starting to change that now to veg or grain based carbs like quinoa and sweet potato instead of the gelati.

I am finding the amount of carbs a little hard to deal with – or maybe it’s just the sheer volume of food. I am the queen of volume eating, and with an extra 200 calories over comp diet to play with, I can certainly pile up stuff on a plate! It’s left me feeling quite bloated all week and at times not even wanting to eat. I weighed myself on Tuesday and was sitting at 57.9kg – up about 0.5kg from the bizarre fluid related gain from my 1st training session last week. By Thursday though I could feel things really starting to settle down – I actually woke up hungry which indicates that my body is adjusting quite quickly to not only the increase in calories, but to the complete flip of my protein and carb macros. When I weighed myself I was down to 57.6kg – another good sign that my body is making adjustments really quickly.

So all is good in the land of reverse dieting,

The End.

Pre-yesterday, I was congratulating myself on the fact that even though I’d written out my post comp crap food bucket list, I couldn’t be bothered to complete it. No need, I simply didn’t feel like eating the foods any more.

Pre-yesterday, I was congratulating myself on the fact that even though I’d planned an entire cake route all the way from Richmond, through South Yarra and Prahran at my favourite cafe’s (I didn’t tell you about that one did I…oops), I haven’t had one of those cakes…not even the gluten free hazelnut almond meringue cupcake with vanilla frosting and a shard of cherry hazelnut caramel at Friends of Mine…

I was in a really good space….


Then this happened:

bad day bad dinner



What the hell???

Yep, true horror story.

How? Why?

And why an entire box of sultanas? I’m a bit strange sometimes!

In version 1, I had written that since my prep had probably been my hardest due to overwork, the longest season I’ve ever done and it being split into 2 parts, that I fully expected this to be my hardest post comp.

In verison 1, I had also written that I fully expected the raving, sugar beast to sneak up and catch me completely unprepared at some unexpected moment when I was feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable about something…

and it did.

On Friday, I was feeling a bit out of sorts – although I had a good training session, and a lovely green brekky, I couldn’t focus at work all day – I was thinking about all the programs I want to create and run, all the workshops I want to be doing, who I need to be seeking out and connecting with, what I need to do to get my website fixed and up and running, what blogs/books I need to write, what blogs I need to re-visit and possibly package up into books, what video tutorials I need to be creating, how I’m going to get them looking smick, branding, content writing, training for myself, how I was going to afford going home for Christmas, how I was going to afford a whole month in Bali in August, how I was going to be able to afford anything until about February next year…how much its all going to cost…how on earth was I going to make it all happen and where did I start first??




In short, I got myself into a completely depressive whirl of spinning thoughts, ideas and fear and overwhelm…everything just seemed to be in the too hard basket.

I was mentally and emotionally in a very vulnerable state, and left work early – but then I didn’t know what to do with myself. At a bit of a loss at to what to do,  I thought about going to the cinema, but that would cost money, so I decided I couldn’t afford it.  I really didn’t want to go home to an empty house and re-heat bloody kangaroo bolognaise and rice for tea…again.

So I cycled the route home, slowly, checking out every cafe along chapel street to see if I wanted to eat there, but nothing grabbed my attention…until I got to Grill’d…which is right next to Ben and Jerry’s…

oh dear.

And then when I did finally get home and got yelled at by the cat for being late – didn’t I know that he was wasting away because he hadn’t been fed ALL DAY…

the box of sultanas and the new channel 9 lifestyle channel seemed like the perfect solution.

And then I beat myself up for being so stupid and went to bed.


Welcome to post comp.

So now what?

Well, yesterday I woke up feeling a lot more positive about life. I was catching up for breakfast with someone who can possibly help me with all the stuff I want to do, so I was really excited to hear what she had to say – and even though I still felt totally fat from the night before, mentally I was in a much calmer space.  Instead of it being the end of the world, a complete disaster, and I might as well quit trying to stick to a plan, I  was able to see the episode for what it was.

It was an absolute text book case of emotionally triggered comfort eating.

I know this, I was well aware of the fact whilst I was doing it and now I can look at it objectively, without the emotion and it doesn’t bother me. It happened, I’m owning it, I expected it to sooner or later. I know its just a blip, a bump along the re-adjustment road – so yesterday and today I just made sure I got right back on plan.

And that’s probably the key to being able to deal with these blips – having a plan. I’ve written about the importance of having an off-season plan before, because if you have a plan, you have boundaries and direction, as well as some kind of accountability – you know where you’re going, which means you know when you’ve deviated, you know how and what you need to do to get back on track. With awareness, comes ‘salvation’ or solutions.

If you don’t have a plan, and you don’t know where you’re going then a) you won’t know when you’ve got to the point you want to get to and b) you also don’t know when you’re way off target – and that is when a single splurge, can turn into another and another and then before you know it, it becomes your new normal and you’ve blown out massively…and along with that often comes a whole host of other psychological issues to do with self worth and self esteem.

It can turn into a real mess, real quickly.

So if you haven’t got yourself a plan, I highly recommend you get one a.s.a.p – it’s easy to do.

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Yesterday was a training rest day, so today I weighed myself – I was a bit hesitant, just in case it had dome some lasting damage, but I was 57.7kg – just 100g up from Thursday.


It looks like I’ve set my targets perfectly and my body is re-adjusting very well, so I’ll stick to my baseline plan this week and watch how I go.

This week will be a good solid training week as well

Last week with the setup of my GVT program and 1RM testing, I only got in 3 actual training sessions and on the back of the previous week which I took 5 days off and got in 2 sessions following my last comp, it will be good to really hit the weights hard. I’ll be able to get in 6 sessions before I head off home to England for Christmas – I can’t wait! It’ll be freezing cold, our family will be holed up in a beautiful old cottage in Yorkshire, I’ll be able to do lots of hearty walking across the moors and finishing up in a cosy pub, for a pint of cider by the fire 🙂











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