An Essential Guide to International Competing: FAQ

Hi, I thought I’d re-instate my Essential Guide to International Competing series of videos.

With Natural Olympia in Las Vegas and UFE World Championships looking large and potentially 200+ Aussies about to hit the US and Canada, the number of messages and questions I’ve been getting has also exponentially increased.

So here’s a couple of short video’s with some of the most common questions I’ve had and what I’ve done in the situation:

Travel/Flights + Show Day Format

Peak Week Food Management:

Toronto Competitors:

  • Longos supermarket near union station has the best MYO meal bars! It’s about 5-10mins walk form the Intercontinental
  • Anytime Fitness gyms are all over the place, check out their website to see if they’ve got an introductory special. Last year I got 7days for $14 unlimited access to all their gyms! The closest to the Intercontinental is about 2mins away!

Love to hear your thoughts!

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