An Essential Guide to International Competing

It’s that time of year when the serious competitions are happening – State, National and for some of you the dream of competing overseas is starting to loom large.

For those of you who do compete interntionally, it’s a whole other world – if you think there is lots to organise and plan for a competition in your home town, there’s an exponentially larger amount of things you have to think about and figure out when you’re overseas:

  • You have flights to book
  • You have accommodation to book – do you stay in a hotel, a b’n’b, a hostel, an apartment?
  • How are you going to stay on your diet?
  • How will the flight affect you?
  • How long should you allow to get back into condition?
  • What if you can’t get back into condition?
  • Where do you get the right foods from?
  • Can you get the right foods for your plan?
  • What if you can’t find the right foods?
  • Where can you train?
  • What if you’re on your own? Your coach, trainer, friends or family can’t come with you
  • Who’s going to help you backstage?
  • Who’s going to do your hair, tan, makeup?
  • How are you going to get to the venue?

I’m sure there are a million other questions buzzing around your head and it’s starting to stress you out.



For those of you who have been following me, you know that by now I’m a dab hand at not only travelling for competition within Australia, but I’ve kinda got the whole international thing sorted too.

9 shows in 9 weeks in 3 different states and 3 different countries – 15 flights in all, without my trainer, by myself and I backed up week after week so well that 3 world championships were the result!

This year I’ve competed in Victoria then Texas 7 days later then Victoria again just 3 days after a 24 hours flight and I won Best Conditioned Athlete to boot!

That’s how you do travelling and competing!

Now, I have to back it up again – I have just 6 days and another 24 hour flight to New York to pull up perfectly for what I think (going on last years World Championship) will be a very tough competition:

WNBF Professional Universe Miss Fit Body.

I thought I’d document how I go and provide you with an invaluable insight, and answer some of your questions about how to compete overseas.

Episode 1: Be Prepared


Love to hear your thoughts!

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