The Passion Test – Clarity



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so you will have heard of The Secret – The Law of Attraction – Flow – or as you think so you shall have. A process by which you can manifest your deepest desires which the universe can’t help but deliver.

How do you think I manifested 3 world figure and physique titles and pro qualification in 6 categories across 3 federations last year?

I’m sure the vast majority of people are skeptical about it – think of something you want to be, do or have and it will show up.

yeah right.

Well of course it’s not quite as simple as that – what you want does have to be truly aligned with your deepest desires – I’m talking subconscious here. You might tell people you want a fabulous body and great health, but if you’re still chowing down on maccas every day and not doing a skerrick of activity of any description, of course it’s not going to happen.

Want to be wealthy and never have to worry about bills or the mortgage again, but spend your weekends shopping till you drop? same deal.

Your results will always match your true intentions…so if you’re not getting the results you want – look deeper – what you’re actually getting is what you’re actually focused on, no matter what your stated intention is.

Let me illustrate that.

My stated intention for the whole time I’ve been doing bodybuilding started with a throw away comment: ‘Serves him right if I become Miss Olympia’.

I was kinda pissed off at my Dad because of his extremely negative reaction to me getting into bodybuilding and thought ‘I’ll show you’.

Very mature Sarah.

However, once the pissed-offed-ness wore off, that goal somehow squirmed its way into my DNA and set – rock solid – and it has been at my core and driven every action I’ve taken ever since. In fact it has been so set in me at a cellular level that despite all the road blocks, set backs, upsets, start all over agains, it has always been my true north and no matter how I have wavered, wandered all around the houses or taken the scenic route, it has always been there as the ultimate focus for all my actions.

And this year it will not only happen, but it will happen at a level I never expected – in Las Vegas, as a Professional.

You see the universe always delivers what you ask for or something better

I simply wanted to step on stage at Olympia, because it represented to me the ultimate I could achieve, but then last year I took it to a whole new level, because what I wanted was completely congruent and in true alignment with my inner most desire.

From winning at National level in 2012, I dared to dream that I would be good enough to go International and when that started shaping up nicely, I dared to dream about winning at an international level and so I wrote about that…writing things down also makes them become real…

In fact, I wrote it so vividly, with such realism and laser sharp clarity that not only was I in tears with emotion as I wrote it, but more astonishingly, I actually wrote the exact outcome 4 months BEFORE it happened…

and I still didn’t write big enough…I only wrote about winning ONE world title

The Universe delivered 3.

This stuff works.

Once I step on stage at Olympia this year, I will have achieved everything I have ever wanted to achieve with bodybuilding and so much more. There are a couple of other bucket list things to do – just for fun – The Arnies next year, Tahiti would be awesome and maybe The Yorton Cup, but now my focus is starting to shift to life after bodybuilding.

What comes next?

Well that could be almost anything too – I’ve taken my photography to a higher level, and I could be extremely good at that if I totally focused on it. Writing – has been my ‘me’ space, my safety net, my de-stresser, sanity check, sounding board and de-pressuriser for that last 4 or so years. I’ve got books and books worth of writing from my blogs, and my experiences – if I decided to focus on that.

Posing – I’m loving teaching posing, I love judging at shows and being involved. Fitness – I could become a PT.

Diet & Nutrition – as you know that’s been an enduring and ongoing fascination for me and now that I’m getting in to competition prep and coaching, ideas are starting to coalesce into a new direction…

and that’s what I want to talk about – with all this going on, with all my abilities, knowledge and experience, how on earth am I going to figure out what I want to do with it all?

Get clarity.

How do I do that?

Well, there’s a book by Janet and Chris Attwood called The Passion Test


In it are some very simple steps to identify what you’re passionate about  in general, then a process by which you can narrow it down to your top 5 and get really clear on what is it that you want, and finally a scoring system to show you how you are progressing in terms of following your passion.

Most people are incredibly afraid of thinking big, dreaming of living the life of their dreams because they get so stuck on the ‘how’ they’re going to achieve it. So they let it go and play it safe and never truly be who they are meant to be.

Most people are also terrified of what other people think of them – thinking along the lines of ‘who am I to think that I can change the world?’ and again stop themselves for fear of standing out or upsetting those around them.

I’m here to tell you to let it go.

I know that my family roll their eyes and batten down the hatches when I announce to all and sundry what my latest ‘thing’ is.

I don’t care. I do it anyway.

The most common reaction I get when I announce I’m going to do something is ‘You’re crazy’.

yes, quite probably. I don’t care, I do it anyway.

Once you let go of ‘what other people think’, you liberate yourself from a whole world of stress and fear. Try it. You might get to like it – it’s kinds scary but sooo exhilarating! 🙂

Check out Susan Jeffers book – Feel the Fear and do it anyway

So back to the Passion test, which I did earlier this year and some of my stated passions were:

  • Coaching and guiding many people achieving life long health through diet & nutrition

  • Being the go-to comp prep expert in Australia

  • Working with upbeat, energetic people

  • Working in relaxing, inspiring settings

  • Coaching many people to pose and look the best they can on stage.

So hows that working out for me?

On the posing front, I’m booked out until October, and have groups lined up for Season A next year. I’ve had several trainers approach me asking if I can teach their competitors to pose. I have so many clients I’ve had to hire a space – and its a lovely space, an Ayurvedic/Yoga studio about 10 mins from my house. The owners Neal and Christiana Brophy are celebrating the fact that they’ve had their gym for over 30 years. Neal is an Ayurvedic practitioner and trainer, which dovetails beautifully with my holisitic approach to diet & nutrition – can’t wait to try out their Ayurvedic massages!

We’re talking about how we can all bring our unique talents together and create something new…

I love working with my clients – they’re all very switched on, focused, intelligent, funny, smart women who know exactly what they want. They’ll rock the stage.

On the comp prep side, I’ve got my existing clients and I’m talking to 4 or 5 potential clients – BTW I’m looking at taking on new clients for Season A next year from October this year.

7 weeks ago, I randomly went along to the Fast Forward Your Business Wealth Dynamics seminar in Melbourne, on a free ticket given to me by my housemate and not only scored a mini mentoring session from Roger Hamilton, but from it he has offered me mentoring, and the opportunity to coach his team, with the view to me creating formal coaching programs and who knows what other ideas he has got…but trust me they’ll be big. From it I have also acquired a few real live paying coaching clients.

So it it working?

You bet it is.

Now, the thing that I’m most excited by being given the opportunity to work with Roger Hamilton’s team is that they are a social entrepreneurial group – entrepreneurs with morals and ethics who want to leave the world in a better state. During my mini mentoring session at the seminar, on a whim I threw out a stated intention that is so big it scared the hell out of me.

Now we all know what happens when I blurt out impulsive, out of left field ideas…

‘I’m going to start a magazine’ is another example…

And this is why I believe I’ve been given such a huge opportunity, which was kind of confirmed last week when I won one of the iLAB Global Impact Award runners up prize of 30 days in Bali being coached and mentored by the Wealth Dynamics team in just how to achieve what I want to achieve.

So just to be sure that my whimsical statement, wasn’t quite so whimsical and genuinely came from somewhere deep inside, I did the Passion Test again yesterday.

I sat somewhere quiet, and got into my writing head space – that place where creation just happens and the pen simply flows, and the limits of ‘How’ were placed aside.

so here’s my initial list of passions:

The Passion Test Sarah Taylor World Figure Champion


  • Enjoying wonderful health, energy and vitality
  • Having fun in everything I do
  • Coaching large groups of people to achieve their best health ever
  • Being invited to speak all over the world about diet, nutrition & how to achieve life long health
  • Living a life of abundance
  • Living a life of joy and fulfilment
  • being a world renowned author
  • being the best comp prep coach in the world
  • being the go to all federations posing coach in Australia
  • being free to travel anywhere and anywhen I like in complete luxury
  • collaborating with many like minded individuals to change govt policies towards diet & nutrition
  • collaborating with schools, colleges to change the way diet & nutrition is taught
  • Fostering cross disciplines to integrate of diet & nutrition as the core pillar of preventative medicine
  • being loved by a supportive, caring, loyal, ambitious successful partner
  • spending more time with family and friends
  • enjoying living and working in beautiful, scenic, serene environments

The next steps in the passion test is to pull out the top 5 – I won’t go into the process, but it came out like this:

  • Enjoying abundant health, energy and vitality
  • Being invited to speak all over the world about diet, nutrition & how to achieve life long health
  • Living a life of joy and fulfilment
  • being the go to all federations posing coach in Australia
  • collaborating with many like minded individuals to change govt policies towards diet & nutrition

Then I scored them all 1-10 to identify how much each is showing up in my life right now – in other words to highlight where I am NOT placing my focus and attention.

And I left it there, yesterday.

But something about it bothered me…it wasn’t sitting right with me, so this morning I revisited my top 5…

  • the comp prep thing wasn’t in the top 5 – this bothered me as, its very important to me – nothing get me more angry or makes me see red more quickly than hearing a competitor being put through hell by some incompetent imbecile who has no clue about diet or nutrition – I’m currently having to rehab a girl who has basically been starved and malnourished for the last 6 months, eating a mere 700 calories/day of nothing but egg whites, chicken and rice cakes.

I will bash that person.

  • the coaching large groups…life long health wasn’t in the top 5 – this bothered me.

And as I was thinking about the ‘coaching large groups…’ ideas started buzzing into my head – experiential training, weekends away, retreats, seminar formats…stuff was just coming to me out of nowhere – this is something that HAS to be in my top 5

but then, whilst re-reading all these big blue sky statements, doubt crept in…am I nuts? I caught myself wondering…HOW?

Just How is all this blue sky stuff supposed to happen?

and then I started noticing patterns…an interconnection between my intentions…

being the #1 all feds posing coach and comp prep coach in Australia will lead to #1 comp prep coach in the world, which will lead to ‘being world renowned author’, which will lead to ‘coaching large groups of people’, which will lead to ‘being invited to speak around the world’, which will lead to ‘changing govt polices’ and ‘travel anywhere, anywhen’, which will lead to ‘changing universities and college education programs’, which will lead to ‘cross discipline preventative medicine’, and encompassing all of those is ‘life of joy and fulfilment’, ‘fun in everything i do’, ‘life of abundance’, ‘health energy and vitality’

goose bumps crawled over my skin…

passion test

in other words, I now have an exact map – not only clarity – but also that all important HOW I am going to get to where I want to go…

my DNA is tingling…













  1. Thank you for your insight in doing the passion test.
    I’ve done it myself twice and had very different results. I guess it is all based on fear and seeing and believing that I could do something that influences the test results or my answers. For me a good indication for something I am passionate about has always been the way I felt or didn’t feel about something. For example I love helping people. When I do this I forget time and I am fully in it. Making money with this has always been my biggest issue, however I love it.
    As you described it, very often one passion leads to another and it will become natural. I am sure with you drive, attitude and believe in yourself you will achieve anything you set your heart at.
    Enjoy the journey 🙂


    1. Hi John, Glad you liked the blog – I think the thing with the Passion Test is that every time you take it you’re in a difference place. Even re-reading this list just a few months after I wrote it, things have changed and I’ve got even more clarity about what my starting point is, where I want to specialise and what my niche is going to be. I’ll probably re-take the test in another few months just as a check to see if I’m still on the path where I’m beginning to get into some flow. I’m also about helping people and it turns out I can make money from it too…I’m very much in the fledging, dipping a toe stages but its a start – and if I can make $100 a week, then I can make $200 a week, then I can make $300 a week…and so it can build. Baby steps 🙂


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