World Figure Champion to World Diet & Nutrition Champion?




You know that huge, life changing opportunity I mentioned a mere 6 weeks ago (still pinching myself!), well things just keep getting better.

Not only did Roger Hamilton personally mentor me on stage in front of about 200 people, spend 2 hours of his very precious time with me talking about my diet & nutrition coaching plans/fledgling business – gifting me access to his inner circle coaching group of only 300 entrepreneurs worldwide, and the opportunity to coach his whole team, I also got an invite to his 2 day business retreat at his private resort in Bali in October where I get one-on-one mentorship by his team of selected entrepreneurs – its utterly priceless in terms of how it will fast track by about 5 years where I ultimately intend to get to

If that’s not spinning me out enough, I just entered the Entrepreneurs Institute (Invite Only) Global Impact Award competition for up and coming social entrepreneurs to highlight how their idea or business will make the world a better place and I’ve been picked as a finalist!

which means I now get:

30 WHOLE DAYS in Bali, at the Vision Villas Resort with the entire Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, Entrepreneurs Institute business owners and coaches who will pull apart everything I want to do and achieve in the diet & nutrition field and they will put it back together piece by piece, with step by step plans, program designs, sales, marketing plans, scalability progressions, collaboration and media strategies.

Jaw officially on floor.

Everything I’ve been working towards, experimenting with, learning, reading, writing and ranting about over the last 3 or 4 years is coming together in the most unforeseen, unexpected, exciting manner

When its meant to be, it’s meant to be

Watch out world…






Love to hear your thoughts!

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