Whey-t Watchers


Last week I put on 3kg in 3 days.
How can I be training twice a day, cycling 15-20k a day, eating only about 2500 cals/day all clean foods and have that happen?
In fact for about the last 3 weeks my weight has been fluctuating by about 0.5kg-1kg every day, by afternoon snack my stomach is usually hard and painful
and in some instances by my evening training session I look so bloated and puffy I’ve been too embarrassed to take my singlet off – and for those that know me, know I’m perfectly happy training in a teeny little crop top, off season even when there isn’t an ab in sight!
But this has been different from just normal ‘no abs’, as by the next morning it’s all gone again.
Except last week when it didn’t.
Now ladies week definitely accounted for some of the 3kg – usually about 1.5kg, but that disappears of its own accord after 2 days.
Except that this time it didn’t.
hmmm…something else going on.
I figured it must be because I’m on about 4 times my comp diet amount of carbs – approx 100g/day, which is still very low considering I’m training twice a day, So I took them out of my diet for about 5 days which meant my calories dropped back to about 2100/day. This is virtually the same as comp diet levels where I easily lose fat and I’ve got a whole additional training session + extra 5-10km bike ride on top of what I do for comp – surely I should see some change!
Result – the scales crept down by about 1.5kg, but I was still looking incredibly watery around my middle.
So after 6 days of 400 cals less/day, virtually no carbs, perfect diet, extra training, I still wasn’t back to the 57kg that I’ve been holding for ages now.
hmmm…it’s not all due to the carbs and the ladies then.
Lots of googling of ‘water retention’ remedies and ‘food to eat to prevent water retention’ I’m doing everything right…except eating yoghurt. I don’t eat dairy because it affects my skin so badly – there are other side affects that are not very pleasant either, but don’t need mentioning!

I thought through everything I do/eat and only thing that I could think of that was causing this upset was whey protein. I’ve been having up to 4 WPI/Casein shakes/day and even though I’m using a lactose free whey protein, it’s still a dairy product.
So on Wednesday I switched from using whey protein to pea and hemp protein.
Man what a difference!

My diet was more than a little AWOL on Wednesday – I scoffed an entire packet of raw vegan almond/coconut balls (coco-roons! get on them! Seriously – vegans know how to make some really yummy foods!), a couple of the Superfoodie raw date bars AND had burger and chips for my cheat meal – about 2000 calories extra on my usual diet!

Thursday morning I’d lost 0.5kg

All day Thursday I was HUNGRY – I ate whatever I felt like – including 3 cheap crap protein bars for dinner…on top of dinner! again about 1500 cals extra on top of my usual diet.
This morning I’d lost another 1kg
I’m back down to 57 and the difference is that I feel ‘thin’ and ‘light’, I’ve tightened up around  my middle, lost the watery look, my stomach is not tender and is FLAT…can I just say that one again…FLAT.
My appetite and energy has gone through the roof…

hmm….could be so completely lactose intolerant that I am going to have to avoid ALL forms of dairy?

Who knows, but I’m going to stay on the vegan protein for now and just watch what happens



Love to hear your thoughts!

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