2014 Post Comp 4: Carb Backloading Progress

I can’t believe it’s not even 3 week since I got back from overseas, right from the day I got back and I found out that I was being evicted its been full on. 2 days after I got back I had potentially new 5 jobs land in my lap in the space of 2 hours, so I’ve been house hunting, job interviewing, workshopping, posing coaching, catching up with my comp prep client and trying to figure out this new diet…no wonder it seems like eons ago that I got back!

Aren’t I supposed to be resting?

Not in my world!

I did have one week off training and realistically I probably do need more, but I’m glad to be back in the gym and I had my first training session with Aiden last week so the intensity got bumped up significantly as he was not happy that I’m looking squishy!

That will be all the carbs I’m eating…I usually only have to look at a rice cake and turn into a blob!

Aiden asked a couple of excellent questions as to why I’m doing this funny diet (sounds like my mother!) given that I know exactly how to manage my diet and it flies in the face of everything I normally do

Let’s look at how it differs from what I usually do:

  • Evening is the optimum time to train
  • Specific ingestion of what can be considered junk calories and junk foods
  • Ingestion of said junk at the ‘worst’ possible time of day…at night!
  • Heavy use of coffee/caffeine to achieve goals
  • Use of coffee/caffeine instead of food to achieve goals
  • Delay eating food for as long as possible/reduce eating window – i.e Intermittent fasting
  • Reliance on supplements and shakes to achieve goals.

Put like that, then why am I doing it? Well like I said – curiosity is the primary driver. I stumbled onto something last year – ate very clean during the day, ate crap at night and even though I trained early, I didn’t put on nearly as much fat as I expected given the level of crap I was eating…


Having rummaged around the interweb  and found an actual protocol, I was dying to give it a try.

Last year the horrible sugar cravings manifested specifically night – this protocol is built exactly round that style of eating, so I was hoping it would provide me some level of control over the rebound cravings I was expecting after such a long, tiring season.

I usually use food as my fat burner, but know that coffee used judiciously can aid fat burning – again given a proper framework I wanted to give it a try.

If there’s an optimum protocol for stacking supps to gain muscle…let me have it!

The base diet is keto, which I like and know that it works for me so that bit was going to be a piece of easiness.

Now this whole protocol is actually very simple, in fact it’s probably too simple and of course the temptation with anything simple is to try and tweak it to make it better…

And that’s probably where I’m getting it wrong.

So far I’ve put on 4kg.

What??!! This protocol is specifically designed to prevent that!

But before I blame the protocol, and throw the baby out with the bath water, it’s probably because I’ve tweaked it.


I don’t like training in the evening. I tried it for a week, and I didn’t like it. I had no motivation and my intensity sucked – 4-6 pm is my absolute worst energy time – mentally and physically – most days at 5 all I want to do is get home and eat and maybe get half hour snooze on the sofa before I begin the nights admin.  I certainly do not want to be sculling a coffee full of fat, then going to (try to) train (fighting for equipment with all the other workerbees who finished at 5), not getting home until about 7, not eating until about 7:30 and then eating crap about an hour before I stop functioning and have to go to bed.

Training in such a low energy state, less than ideal gym environment – I’m not going to get good results. So I’ve switched to training in the morning – much better and my intensity has risen dramatically, I feel so much more switched on and ready for the day ahead.

The eating of crap. Well, turns out I’m very good at this. Probably too good right at this particular point in time and I don’t like it. You see once I have one bit of crap…a chocolate biscuit for example, then the sugar monster wakes up and demands more and more. Those cravings I said I wans’t getting last week? Well, they’re back – with a vengeance. Last night I had 250g salted caramel ice cream, with a banana, 10 prunes, 10 dates, 2 tablespoons of honey…and 3 chunks of toblerone.

Yes, it fits the theory of the protocol, but it’s too much. Every night I go to bed feeling fat and bloated and it doesn’t dissipate by the morning because there’s not enough fibre in the rest of what I eat to alleviate it. The coffee probably doesn’t help by dehydrating me further first thing in the morning, so I spend the rest of the morning trying to get hyrdrated enough – which makes me feel even more bloated!

I’ve tried to make it more ‘healthy’ – by adding in things like baked sweet potato, prunes, dates, bananas, starchy veg.

The book specifically states ‘those that try to do this the ‘healthy’ way will get crappy results’.


Maybe post comp is not the ideal time to try this? It’s entirely possible that my hormones are all over the place. I was talking to a friend last night who has had her hormones checked and they are still all over the place 9 weeks post comp. She’s still struggling with lack of motivation, tiredness; mood swings, is unusually emotional and has out of control cravings. Usually I’ve had a full blood and hormone assessment done by now, but I haven’t got round to it yet (given all the other stuff going on!). I haven’t been getting mood swings, but there’s definitely an emotional element associated with eating right now that could have an underlying hormonal trigger.  Must get on to it.

The coffee – too much! I can deal with the first one, but after training I do like to eat real food – the fatty coffee just isn’t cutting it in terms of hunger prevention and makes me feel slightly nauseous. I tried changing this post workout drink to green tea with the fat in it, but I was even more hungry, more quickly.

So the healthification of this is definitely not working.

The intermittent fasting – I have done that on occasions, once a week, and it’s been fine. I actually don’t mind it, and even feel quite good after having done it (hmm….future experiment?).

Am not getting on with doing it on a daily basis though. I just like my food too much! Even if it is chicken, spinach and broccoli every day, 3 times a day, at least it’s real food!

So today I had turkey, rocket, avocado and cucumber salad after training – its keto, and I feel so much better for it. I was going to say I managed to stay awake all morning…but I had to do a work health and softy online training for my new job…yeah, that put me out for the count!



So the upshot of this is that I’m switching back to my usual diet – I know I said I was going to give it a real go, and I don’t usually quit on something before I have given it a real go, but I simply do not have the patience or motivation to be doing something that is so completely counter to everything I know and usually do…at this point in time!

Maybe once I’ve reached my new metabolic stability point and my body has finished whatever adjustments it wants to make, maybe then I could try it again. In fact, if I overshoot where I want to be maybe I could try this again to get back to my ideal holding level…worth considering..?

Right now, though I need to feel clean and healthy again, and get back into a routine that doesn’t require thinking or particular timing…especially given that it’s the lead up to Christmas, there’s work do’s and the added stress of house inspections frequently after work – so its easy to package up 3 or 4 identical meals to have with me for eating on the run.

Guess what I’ve got for lunch?

Turkey, Broccoli, cucumber, rocket, tomatoes, almonds, avocado – yum!!

We get a fruit box delivered to work every week and today it has some nice looking strawberries that I think will have to be mine.




Love to hear your thoughts!

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