World Champion? At 45? Could be…!

Some of you have been following me for a very long time, and some of you are very new – so welcome aboard and I hope you get a bit of a laugh out of my sometimes less than sensible and often more than a little random wonderings, blunderings and general fumbling my way through this thing called life.

Right now, though it all appears to finally be coming together in a way that even I can’t quite believe – who’d have thought that an English chick in Australia, who lsot a stack of weight, fell into bodybuilding completely on a whim, battled through depression, my body completely breaking down and had both shoulders reconstructed just 2 years later would be in a position to compete at the biggest competitions in the world, in one of the toughest sports in the world?

Not me! Never in a million years would this ever have been something I could conceive of…but now its here, and it could be a truly amazing feat…if I can pull it off

And that is where I’m asking for your help.

I’ve just launched a crowd funding campaign to raise funds to cover flights, accommodation and registration – check it out

If you can help out there’s a ton of great perks to choose from and I’d love to get to meet you, photograph you, chat to you over the phone, help you with your weight loss/gain goals, help you with diet and nutrition or even your comp prep.

If you can’t contribute, that’s totally ok, all I ask is that you share the link with anybody and everybody you know!

Lets make this happen! 🙂

Thank you!

cropped-frontsymme3.pngSarah Taylor Janet Kane Molly Gibson Stewart


Love to hear your thoughts!

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