5 weeks to go


Alright, time for an update since its now just a mere 5 weeks until the INBA Vic Titles and my first show of a monster 9 (or even 11!) show marathon spread over exactly 2 months, 4 Australian states, 3 countries and 2 US States!

Here’s the full program

  • Sept 14th INBA Vic Titles
  • Sept 28th WNBF Vic Titles
  • Oct 4th ANB Vic Titles
  • Oct 5th INBA Aussie Titles (QLD)
  • Oct 12th ANB aussie Titles (NSW)
  • (Oct 18th/19th – w/e off or maybe head to Sydney again)
  • Oct 26th WNBF Aussie Titles (SA)
  • Nov 1st INBA/PNBA world Cup, Hollywood (USA)
  • Nov 9th UFE world Championships, Toronto (Canada)
  • Nov 15th WNBF World Championships, Boston (USA)



Have I completely lost my marbles??

well, we all know that happened eons ago 🙂

I’ve had the question asked ‘Why am I doing so many comps?’

Lots of reasons.

Because some are kinda ‘sentimental’ – some I really like the show itself or the venue or how the show is run, some as a sort of way of saying thank you for the opportunities I’ve been provided. Some I want to do, because last year I had to cancel at the last minute to get my cat to hospital. The internationals I want to do, because in what is such an individual sport, this is an opportunity that very few get and I for one never believed in a million years that it would ever happen to me – that I’d get to be part of a team and represent Australia, against the best figures on the biggest stages. It’s been such a battle to get my body to this point, for the 1st time in 4 years I’ve been able to train uninjured and its made a HUGE difference. Last year I was so close, this year I’m looking better and I want to make the most of it while I can, because you never know how long it might last. This might be my only opportunity, so I’m going to grab it firmly with both hands.

‘Carpe Concorsi’ – seize the competitions! 🙂

and this is where I need your help…

As you know competing is expensive. I’ve got Australia covered but I’d really like your assistance to help me make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity – I’m setting up a crowd funding campaign here to raise $5000 towards flights, accommodation and registration for the overseas competitions

World Champion at 45?

Wouldn’t that be a story!

Can I do it?


(* see ‘Marbles’. As in ‘Lost’!) :-p

Not counting any chickens, but you can rest assured that I will give it everything I’ve got

So with all that said, how is my prep coming along?


3 weeks ago cals 2013 3 weeks ago macro

Ultra consistency has been the theme here for the last few weeks – I mean spot on. I’ve been coming in gently for the last 9 weeks on 2000 calories which is amazing, but 2 weeks ago I had a funny week on the scales where my weight was going up, even though I was visibly leaning down.


What gives?

So we decided that from last Saturday we would drop my calories to 1850 and that would probably be the last change we’d have to make. But before I even made that change, I suddenly lost 0.3kg for skin fold day (Thursday), then I lost 0.3 the day after. Saturday and Sunday I was looking very puffy, then on Monday I lost 0.3 and Tuesday I lost 0.3 as well!

What? 1.2kg in 6 days…?

Whoa! Put my calories back up! I can’t be coming in that quickly with such a ‘long’ time to go – I’m only about a kilo off last years stage weight as it is, so we definitely don’t want to be seeing drops of 1.2kg in 6 days.

Fortunately there was a perfectly reasonable explanation – good old fashioned PMT. So now my leanness and the scales match up – I’m sitting at about 55.9 kg which is ideal and when I compare this with last year I can’t believe that I’m about 3.5kg ahead of where I was at the same time!

I thought it would be interesting to see how my diet is different this year from last year

2013 3 weeks ago cals


3 weeks ago cals


You can see that I didn’t appear to be quite so on top of my diet last year – much more variation in daily calories

2013 1 week ago macro


1 week ago macro


there is not a lot of difference in overall calories for the same weeks this year and last year, the main difference is the macro split.

2013: Cals: 1957, P:61.6%, F:26.6%, C:11.7%

2014: Cals:1987, P: 64.2%, F: 28.8%, C: 7%

So with this change we’ve just added, I’m taking it out of the fat macro. I have been eating about 2 avocados a week and nuts every day (up to 20 almonds), but I’ll cut that to one avocado a week and 10 almonds a day. This will mean that I can keep my protein portions at a decent size so I won’t get hungry.


We got some new boxes at the gym this week so I’ve been doing a lot of box jumps! I think I’m quite springy as I can jump onto the 90cm box from a static start. Wonder if can go higher this week?

We’ve upped the intensity a very small fraction – I’m now doing 2-3 conditioning exercises with my first superset, up from 1-2, but otherwise nothing else has changed. I’m still on 5 resistance sessions a week – the 4 for my main split and the 5th is the odds and ends and I’m still doing the one hit. Now that we’ve dropped the calories a wee bit, with such a small distance still to travel before I’m looking spot on we want to do this as gently as possible, its entirely feasible that we won’t have to make any additional increases to the conditioning work.


I’m up to 1min 30s on the pose holds which is hard work! But it is certainly paying off – I was posing bunny at the ANB Workshop today and Greg loves to make his stage dummies hold each pose for a looong time! I even gave a very quick demo of my posing routine to some of the participants and it went off without a hitch.

Feeling pretty confident about it now 🙂


The List. The ever growing list! I booked my flights to Sydney for the ANB Aussies and my flights to Brisy for INBA Aussies, I got my membership for WNBF and IFBB, got someone on fiverr.com to find me some suitable couchsurfing profiles for overseas. I got my tan and a buffer and my top coat – I’m going to do a trial of a different one, I still need to get a roller for my tan. I’ve handed in my posing music and forms for ANB Vics, booked my makeup lady for ANB Aussies, posted the ANB Aussie form.

I need to book a posing session with Vicki still, I can’t get hold of my hair guy, I need to find makeup people for all shows except INBA Vics and ANB Aussies, and book spray tans for the whole caboodle.

So there’s still a ton of stuff to do, but some of it will just have to wait until I see how a couple of my early comps go.

I always think I’m relatively on top of it all – but then there’s always that sneaky nagging feeling you’ve forgotten something important…

I’ve been having ‘Tan’ nightmares again! noooo!

Better get my spray tans booked this week so I can get some sleep! 🙂

If you’ve enjoyed reading my blogs, seeing my photos, chatting to me about diet, nutrition or competing, if you’ve been following my progress, and want to see me go all the way to the end, I’m askinbg for your help. Even if you can’t contribute, please share this link with everyone you know: ‘Help Sarah Become World Champion’






Love to hear your thoughts!

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