100 Days of Gratitude: Day 99

Spring is here!!


Yes, I know its blustery out there, but it’s not cold – the wind doesn’t have that hard frosty edge on it any more, its softened up – its too warm to be wearing my doona jacket!

Cycling in this morning there was a different quality to the sunlight – instead of the pale imitation that is just going through the motions of being sunlight, it actually had a bit of substance to it – like it was shaking off the slumber that its been in for the last few months, has had it’s springtime coffee and is ready to kick some daylight.

There are tiny little buds on the trees and the first few fragile little leaves pumping their first trickle of chlorophyll through their veinsFirst Leaf Buds


I love days like this when you notice things changing.

Grateful that spring is just around the corner!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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