100 Days of Gratitude: Day 98

Relatively regularly at work the kitchen gets a good clean out, which is good because it means the fridges never get filled with dodgy science experiments.

I had my MCT for my bulletproof coffee’s tucked under the sink – and the other week it all got cleaned, except that nobody knew about it as reception didn’t send out the usual email to warn us.

I only found out when the receptionist stopped me as ! went past, to ask me if any of a particularly random selection of supplements was mine. After reclaiming my MCT, discounting several that were definitely not mine (IBS Support!),  I noticed a huge pot of a relatively decent brand of fish oil, that was nearly full…

‘sooo…if no-one claims that…could I have it?’

2 weeks later, I am now the proud owner of at least 40 days supply of fish oil!

grateful for other peoples forgetfulness becoming my bonus!

2665---fish-oil-456 (1)


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