Countdown to Canada: 16 Weeks to Go

I love my Saturday morning brekky. There’s something so right and guilt free about a post posing, post HIIT brekky in a buzzy vibey jam packed cafe on a Saturday morning.

because I’ve earned it! 🙂

And what’s even better today is that I’ve already made the huge pot of my super chicken soup and done all the shopping (chicken and beef on special!! Yay!), so now I get to relax for the rest of the weekend…well kinda, still got lots of writing to do, but that’s ‘me’ stuff which counts as relaxing because I can sit in bed to do it.

I love comp prep! 🙂

So with a mere 7 weeks to go until my first comp (!!) I thought I’d do a bit of a state of the nation run down.

Body Composition/Diet

This week was measurement week, which is always interesting. I’ve visibly leaned up since my last measurements 2 weeks ago, when I hardly lost anything, but this time I’ve lost about 1 mm from everywhere, which equates to about 1% fat loss and puts me at about 9-10%.

What’s better, is that on the scales I only lost 0.3kg in the last 2 weeks and that appeared to be all the night before the measurements! I’ve been hopping on and off the scales regularly for 2 weeks especially when I think I’m looking leaner, or I feel skinny, or Aiden comments on how I’ve hardened up, but until Thursday my weight hadn’t budged or had even gone up from my last measurements. Wha….huh?

Yet it all comes good on Thursday.

I have a theory that it takes until Thursday for all my cheat meal pizza carbs to be used up and it shows I’m due for a fill up again 🙂 I must admit that I do look forward to that meal – when 33 of 35 meals is meat/eggs or meat/fish, nuts/avocado and a ton of fibrous veg (I have a banana after legs day) then by Friday it is nice to have a) something different to look forward to and b) something that gets cooked for me. I got told off for having steak and broccoli for my cheat meal a few weeks ago as not being ‘cheating enough’ – but I didn’t cook it and I was out at a pub, so it gave me the psychological break that is part of the purpose of a cheat meal.

I’m going to test my theory by having steak and chips next week to see how long it takes to ‘come good’.

The other bonus of having lost fat everywhere is that I don’t have to change my diet at all!  no calorie cut – again, so I stay on 2000 calories, which I’ve now been sitting at for 6 weeks, and I’ll keep the macros at about 60-65P, 35-30F, 5C. I think the key to why I’m still coming in is that my diet has been ultra consistent, and I’ve noticed the re-emergence of a trend I noticed last year. After my big calorie spike on Friday, on Saturday and Sunday I naturally tend to eat less – not on purpose, its just that I don’t feel the need to eat. I do eat on time and have the same amount of meals, but they just naturally seem to be smaller


no carb


I thought I’d hit a plateau after my measurements 2 weeks ago, because I’ve actually dropped a whole training session – I was doing a 5 day rolling split, with an odds ‘n’ ends session as a 6th session pre HIIT, but I’ve cut that back to a rolling 4 day split with the odds ‘n’ ends on a Friday – Aiden wants me as rested as possible, because rest is just as critical as training, and its working, I hit a 100kg for 4 reps PB on squats on Thursday and after needing sometimes 2 or even 3 nanna naps at work all year just to function, I haven’t had a single nanna nap for about 3 weeks – energy levels have gone through the roof. 🙂

We have added some of the fun stuff – high intensity conditioning work intra session (kicked the shit out the pads on Wednesday! love it!) but in total that adds up to less than 10 minutes additional work spread over the 2 weeks – yes you did read that right, just 10 minutes extra work within my existing session time, spread over 10 training sessions – that has been enough to keep things ticking along gently. The good thing about this is that should we need to ramp things up, we have so much room to manoeuvre and so many options – we can add back in the ‘lost’ training session, we can add in high intensity stuff throughout a whole training session rather than just after the 1st 1 or 2 sets, we can add an extra HIIT or tabata’s – the choices are endless.

By now this is probably sounding completely counter intuitive – how can I be coming in when I’ve dropped a training session, am still on a very high calorie load, am hitting PB’s on a virtually carb free diet?

Because its very smart, very specific and it’s what works for me!


Last year, although I practiced my posing diligently It always felt hard and I just didn’t feel comfortable somehow. And it showed up on stage – I’ve watched videos and although my posing is technically and symmetrically excellent, it always looked a bit rushed or slightly robotic and I’m not smiling in many of my photos. In my last blog, I wrote that I was having wobbles with my confidence and I put it down to my posing – again it just wasn’t quite coming naturally to me.

In my novice year, Melita was always telling me to practice with a smile, because when it came to stage time, no matter how nervous you were feeling, you wanted to project the illusion that you were having a ball up there.

In my novice year, I didn’t need to pretend – I was having a ball up there!

Last year however, I was way too serious. So this year I’m making a conscious effort to smile when I practice my posing and today I had a really good session – I’ve nailed my posing routine very quickly this time, so I run through that 10 times, before spending a timed 30s holding each pose (I’ll work up to 2mins hold on each!). I repeat the 30s hold for each pose, each side, 3 times. Then I move on to transition practice – making each pose flow fluidly and gracefully…( yes, I know, graceful and me are almost never associated in the same sentence – ever!) which is precisely why I need to practice it!

Lastly I do a bit of a fun T Walk practice. The whole thing takes about 40 minutes and by the end of it I usually have a massive pump and am pouring with sweat!

By the end of today’s session I really was having fun – the smile was real. Suddenly I am feeling a whole lot more confident

Now the all important bit – how am I looking?

abs back backbi front frontbi lchest lside rside tri

Well, overall I’m really happy with my progress – I’m starting to get impatient again, the leaner I become, the leaner I want to become!

maybe ought to get a tan on for the next set of photos though!

So whats in store for the next few weeks – more of the same! It’s working, so keep doing what I’m doing

I probably ought to actually sign up for some competitions – so far I’ve only locked in one!

And I think a session with Vicki just to tweak a few things would be a good idea, otherwise its practice, practice, practice.




Love to hear your thoughts!

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