100 Days of Gratitude: Day 85


I saw 5c on the ground this morning at the gym, so I picked it up.

you know that old saying ‘see a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck’?

well… today has been a really good day

I’ve got my posing routine down pat, my poising went well, I knocked out 4 reps of 100kg squats (a PB), I lost another 0.3kg and came in a total of 7mm on my skin folds so I’m down to about 9-10% BF, with only another 2mm to lose on my legs to have them back at their shredded best, because I’m still coming in on 2000 calories/day I don’t have to drop any food,

Work was good – I had meetings most of the day and they’d all been spaced around my eating times (grateful I’ve blocked out my eating times for the next 4 months!!) , I completely miscalculated my food today and when I plugged in what I planned to eat I came up 400 calories short!!

Bonus after morning snack – snack and bonus pre afternoon snack – snack!

Some of my meetings were in other buildings around the city, and the rain timed itself to happen during the meetings, my cycle home was dry with green lights virtually all the way.

I needed some chicken, but I’m a bit skint since my pay got stuffed up last week  – chicken was on special! $8.99 a kilo – I only had $10 on me, so I got some broccoil which I was also out of….

AND my housie just told me the next series of The Block starts next Sunday and one of the couples is a pair of hot tradie brothers…oh, yeah, think I’ll be watching that!

very grateful for picking up that 5c


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