100 Days of Gratitude: Day 82

Kids are cool little people and every now and then it’s great to be a kid for a short while.

Yesterday was my nephews birthday – he’s 5 – and like any kid he loves getting presents…but, before I could hand over mine, I had to sit down first on a particular chair with a strange lump under the tea towel that was carefully placed over the seat…


oh dear! smelly aunty bags!!

that brought shrieks of laughter from my nephew and somewhat upset my niece (shes 2). Now I was allowed to hand over my presents – the transformers got a cursory bit of attention, the footy cards did better, especially when it was discovered there was a Hawthorn player, which he’s been wanting for ages, but the best one of all was the little jar of frogs…that spit at at you when you fill them with water…

water fight!

so we hatched a secret plan to take the frogs with us to the dinosaur exhibition and squirt his best friend.



The dino expo was more of a hit due to the many bouncy castles, then in the car on the way home he suddenly spotted a huge billboard of a lingerie model…


well, that was it – the entire journey home bottoms, farts, pants, and poo-poos had Joel and his bestie in fits of laughter. It was very entertaining listening to them come up with more and more wacky combinations of various bodily parts/functions.


Once back home it was birthday cake time – candles on cup cakes, but once all the chocolate had been eaten off the top of the cake it was done and time to head outside to play swingball, whilst I became chief candle operator for my niece who was being all creative by sticking them into her cupcake…then taking them out and handing them back to me…then asking for them back so she could stick them into the cake again…then…

It’s fascinating – what was she thinking when she was doing this? sometimes I would hand over the wrong coloured candle…oh dear, she would wave her hands in frustration at me – there was obviously some grand design in her head and I was mucking it up.

rubbish aunty bags!

playtime for me was over, I needed to get back home and back to reality to do mundane, grown up stuff like food shopping and food prep and the washing…

its pretty cool being allowed to be a kid for a short while, every now and then.

grateful for the opportunity. 🙂






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