100 Days of Gratitude: Day 81

At last! my feet have finally thawed out!

I stuffed up today with my food, as in, I didn’t take any to the dinosaur expo in Caulfield…so after brekky at 7 am (150g kangaroo, 10 almonds) I had nothing to eat until 2pm….HUNGRY!!

And when on comp prep and getting to the 10% or less BF stage and I don’t get my food in on time – I get very cold. And once I get cold its hard to recover.

So I’ve been rugged up in my toasty Kilimanjaro sleeping bag (that kept me warm when camping at -15C), with the heating on for the last 2 hours and my feet have finally come back to life…

love my 100% goose down puffy mummy bag!


sooo toasty….wish I could stay here for the rest of the night..




Love to hear your thoughts!

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