100 Days of Gratitude: Day 80

day 80!!

not long to go now

there’s been a few weird and wacky things that I’ve been grateful for over the last 80 days and todays is another slightly odd one



I rarely ever have a need to go into a 7-eleven, but tomorrow is my nephews birthday…

ok, you’re probably thinking ‘what sort of bad auntie buys a nephews birthday present at a 7-eleven?’

but hear me out!

Tomorrow is my nephews birthday and I’d already got his present – some transformers – one in the shape of a car (he’s loves cars), and a dinosaur – we’re going to see the dinosaur adventures at Caulfield tomorrow (which I’M really excited about!) and some frogs in a jar that when you soak them with water they spit at you – which I thought sounded pretty cool, but my brother txt’d me late yesterday to say if I really wanted to be the best auntie ever, then AFL Footy cards would be the go.

huh….where do you get AFL Footy cards from?


After the gym today I tried the local K-Mart, to no avail, and thought I might have to head into town and find an AFL store just to get a packet of footy cards – the prospect didn’t particularly fill me with enthusiasm.

So I popped into the local 7-eleven at the end of my road and…


yay! Mission accomplished, don’t have to go into town anymore!

yes, I’m grateful for 7-eleven today.



Love to hear your thoughts!

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