100 Days of Gratitude: Day 77

This morning the whole house (neighbourhood?) got woken up at about 4am with what sounded like something being murdered right outside my bedroom door!

All 3 of us in the house bolted out of our bedroooms into the corridor, switching on all the lights (we’ve seen what happens in the movies when you don’t turn on the lights!) to see what was going on.


nothing anywhere and it was all silent

so we all trooped back to our respective rooms.

then it started again – a drawn out high pitched yowling, screeching and thumping – this time it was outside my bedroom door

I flung it open…


opened the front door…


then it started again…right under my feet!!!


my boy was fighting under the house!

clean angry cat

what if he got hurt? or was injured so badly that he couldn’t crawl out? I started getting more than a little anxious, but there was nothing I could do to help him – I really am turning into an overprotective ‘mum’!

I couldn’t get back to sleep for worry and had to listen at the awful blood curdling howls and bumps as the situation was being resolved.

then it all went quiet…too quiet…

what was going to happen next?


scritch, scritch, scritch…

‘Hi mum!, feed me?’

chirped a dust covered cobweb infested apparition


cat cobwebs

so after a thorough inspection, thankfully there was no damage to him, he got an extra hearty breakfast.

very glad to that my boy came back in one piece and we don’t have to have yet another trip to the vet!






Love to hear your thoughts!

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