100 Days of Gratitude: Day 76

Comp diet can be boring, doesn’t have to be, but it can be.

My comp diet during the week is as dull as ditchwater – out of sheer convenience (laziness?) I eat the same thing for mid morning snack and lunch every day. Have done for probably close to 18 months now.

Chicken/turkey salad with avocado.

2014-07-08 13.26.46

(yes, that is my SNACK! cals: 370 P:42.7g, F:17.6g, C: 4.6g Fibre: 6.7g)



You’d think I would get sick of it and I do get comments from people at work who admire my dedication/discipline.

Usually I pile up the plate and set about chewing methodically through the mountain of green stuff, not really registering flavours or taste – my mind generally elsewhere running through lists of ‘to do’s’

But today I stopped mid plate…something was different…

it tasted really good!

I don’t know if the avocado was at the perfect ripeness – it was certainly much more creamy than usual. I don’t know if I’d baked the chicken in the perfect blend of herbs (I rubbed the chicken in a new tandoori mix), I don’t know if the  tartness of the blend was perfect for bringing out the creaminess of the avocado, I don’t know if it’s because I used colourful mixed leaves or different coloured tomatoes, I don’t know if the snow peas were just sweet enough to offset the tomatoes and avocado, I don’t know if I’d steamed the broccoli just enough for the perfect crunch…

but damn it was good!

and the best bit? I’ve got another 3 days worth of it already cooked up and ready to go!

grateful for delicious chicken and avocado salad every day!

in fact I’m grateful that I do have food every day…very many people on this planet don’t




Love to hear your thoughts!

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