100 Days of Gratitude: Day 75

If you’re anything like me, then your morning routine is totally geared around getting you out of the door and doing what you need to do as quickly as possible, and you probably have hundreds of things to do before you even start work!

From the time you wake up your head is providing you with lists of things that need to get done and today was no exception…until I was just about to hop on my bike and head off to the gym.

I stopped and listened and looked around at…nothing.

Nothing was happening.

It was totally silent, there was no car noise, no train noise, no typical inner city morning rush noise, there was no wind, it was relatively warm, the sky was just beginning to lighten up…

I hopped on the bike and pedalled to the end of the street and there was even no cars on Burnley Street – its a very busy road, but it was empty, no cars at all

It was a perfect Melbourne moment.

I love moments like that, when you’re up and about before the rest of the world, just as the day is starting to wake up and get itself all busy and frantic

Grateful to have been completely in the now, at that particular moment.

Melbourne morning with moon

I cycled up Burnley street, chuckling to myself, the words of the great Dale Kerrigan echoing through my head;

‘How’s the serenity? So much serenity!’






Love to hear your thoughts!

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