Countdown to Canada: 18 Weeks to Go

I can’t believe this is the first post I’ve written about this years comp prep and its a mere 18 weeks to go until I step on stage at the UFE World Championships in Toronto….that means its only 13 weeks to until the ANB Victorian Titles at which I’ll be ‘defending’ my title and even more scary is that its only 10 weeks to go until the INBA Vic’s which will be my first show.

Its going to be a huge season for me this year, I’m going all out and competing in as many shows as possible – some just for fun, some because I’ve already promised I will do them and some because they could be strategic and set me up for next year – I haven’t quite got it nailed down yet as some show dates are still ‘TBC’, entry forms are not up on all websites, so the final plan is still a bit of a mystery, even to me – all will be revealed in due course and there’ll probably be a few surprises in there.

As always there’s so much to do! I sat down with Jo Rogers back in march to plan my new bikini – which going to be an absolute stunner. And you thought last years were good! I seriously can’t wait to see what she comes up with and then show it off to everyone….

hurry up 10 weeks so I get that little zippy case in the mail!

I’ve just got my routine choreographed by Michael Faba again so I’ve got to get cracking on learning that, last years was veeerryyy simple so that even an unco clutz like me could get through it relatively unscathed. This year he’s taken me up a notch or two…


Then there’s hair, makeup, tans, hotels, flights, cars to book – shall I try couch surfing whilst overseas? I may be able to stay with my housemates Gran in Toronto, which would be nice…I’m even wondering if I can turn this trip into a round the world and pop home just before Christmas!

My mum would probably be horrified at how skinny I will be at that point and will set about feeding me up with ‘proper food’

she won’t be getting any complaints from me! 🙂

Alright lets get this baby started!

This year we’ll be doing the same thing as last year, going for a longer prep that tapers me in gently with the aim of hitting my conditioning 2 weeks out so that we can have a practice run comp if required to get our peak week process sorted. Having pretty much nailed all this on the head with my first comp last year we then didn’t have to change anything for the rest of the season – which is a great space to be in, because we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Comparing where I am at this point with the same point last year I am about 9 weeks AHEAD of schedule!!

yes you did read that right – 9 weeks ahead.

Last year I started my prep 21 weeks out weighing 64.5kg, this year I started 21 weeks out at 61.5 kg. As of this week I am 56.7kg which last year I didn’t get to until just 4 weeks out! I was starting to get a wee bit nervous that I wouldn’t  make it back then, but knowing that I did, gives me a great deal of confidence that I can lose the last 2-3kg this year in the next 10 weeks. In fact straight off the bat this year, we’ve hit our rolling average of 0.5-0.7kg/week loss on the scales which is very encouraging because I know various elements of my metabolism are not functioning as well as they should (low oestrogen,progesterone and testosterone, adrenal fatigue…) and I was a bit concerned that this might make things a bit tougher this year – which is partly why we’ve gone for the long prep to make sure we do have plenty of time should things not have kicked off quite so well.

weight comparison

Last year we needed a long prep because I was fat. :-p

So far I’m eating a tiny bit more at this point a very nice 2000 calories with a 60:35:5 P:F:C split…which might make some of you go ‘huh? where’s the carbs?’

not here.

I’ve been following a fully or targeted ketogenic diet all year and have rarely got above 100g carbs/day (raw weight) which therefore rarely translates to much more than about 40-45g net effective carbs/day. And for the last few weeks, outside cheat pizza or hot chips and an apple after legs day, I’ve taken out all starchy carbs – mainly because I couldn’t be bothered chopping up little tiny pieces of sweet potato any more!

all keto



As far as training goes, my split won’t change, from next week I start adding conditioning work into each session which is good – battle ropes, kettlebells, sled pushes, medicine ball slams…plyometric chin/pull ups (yes it can be done!) – fun stuff! and I’ve been doing one HIIT session a week for the last 6 weeks. Last year I didn’t add in the HIIT session until 8 weeks out, so if I keep coming in the way I am, there’s a good possibility that I’ll be dropping the HIIT session and just do conditioning work intra session.

I’ll also be resting. a lot. A few weeks ago I had 4 days off so I’ll be due for another rest in about 5-6 weeks. Even though I’ll only be 4 weeks out from my first comp by then, I’ll still take the rest, so that I’m as fresh as possible by the time the comp arrives.

Now, the all important bit – how am I Looking?

Well I took some photos 3 weeks ago and was brave enough to even put my bikini on! Last year at the same time, there was no way I was going to put a bikini on – it would not have been pretty!

week16 compare week16 compare2 week16 compare3

Ok, it’s not quite there yet – but I’ve dropped nearly 2 kg since these were taken, and we’re starting to see where the improvements have happened which is very exciting!

I’ve had a few wobbles in the last week, in my confidence for some reason it seems to hit me when I stand on the stage in the gym studio in my heels and start wondering if it will all come together. I think it’s just because I get so critical on myself when I do my posing, I find imperfections with my posing which cascades into how I’m looking and then I start second guessing everything we’re doing. I know this is really dumb, because what we do works, so there’s no reason and certainly no evidence right now to the contrary. Fortunately Aiden knows exactly how to turn my head space around very quickly so it doesn’t interfere with our training sessions and in the last week or so I have crossed that fine line where I’m starting to feel ‘little’, people in the gym are commenting on the fact that I’m looking lean so its all good really, but I usually have a higher gear that I seem to kick into when on comp prep – when everything becomes super focused and intense – and for some reason I haven’t popped into it yet…am I being a bit too relaxed about the whole process? Where has that edgy adrenaline energy gone? I’m sure it will appear the closer we get.

For now, I’ll just keep doing whats working – training with purpose, keeping my diet  bang on, practising my posing and pulling together all the strands until the plan is in place.









Love to hear your thoughts!

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