100 Days of Gratitude: Day 69

At work, I’m on a project to roll out a new software system to the entire of RMIT. It’s a big job and we had to interview over 200 staff to find out what they do as far as managing students on work placements in industry. This meant visiting all of RMIT’s campuses around Melbourne, and I’m heading up the Vietnam side of the project (fingers REALLY crossed that it means a visit…).

Now that bit is all done and it’s lovely, we know a whole lot of stuff that we didn’t before, so now we’ve got to repeat the process with training…3 sessions per course, all around Melbourne and somehow mine all seem to be in Bundoora…and they have all been booked for a 9:30 start time or in the case of tomorrow, 9am.

Well, my gym training sessions don’t finish until 8:30, and I’ve got to get back home, change eat, and out to Bundoora for 9:30am (or 9 tomorrow)…its not ideal and I’ve been having to mess Aiden about with ‘change requests’ – also not particularly easy as he’s usually fully booked so it means shuffling several people.

anyway, so I shuffled tomorrows (gym) training to Monday, but yesterday I couldn’t remember if it was todays (gym) training or Wednesdays (gym) training that had been moved, so I couldn’t remember if I was training with Aiden today or tomorrow.


So was Aiden!

Calendar Check!




turns out I stuffed up! the 9am in Bundoora that I thought was tomorrow, is actually next Tuesday, so I now need to shuffle next Tuesday, and I haven’t shuffled Thursdays training when I actually do have to be in Bundoora for 9:30…


or is it…?

Now, I don’t have training (with Aiden) tomorrow AND I don’t have to go to Bundoora after all AND I’m not involved in the training session that is in the calendar AND I have no other meetings tomorrow


Working from home!!!!


grateful for stuffing up…in a good way!




Love to hear your thoughts!

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