100 Days of Gratitude: Day 66


Love Lazy Saturdays! And I certainly need it!

Having woken up at 6am (late, exhausted) I was hungry so grabbed a quick brekky and went back to bed (exhausted) for another 3 hours until it was time to get up for 2nd brekky. Headed off to my local cafe for my usual pre-gym eggs, spinach, tomato, salmon and avocado and bumped into a couple of people I haven’t seen for ages which was nice. Had a quick chat, then headed off to the gym for posing practice, abs and HIIT. Then it was veggie shopping and home – all the admin done for the day, I made up Aiden’s special green smoothie meal and headed off back to bed (exhausted!) for another few hours snooze.

Now I finally have enough energy to sort out Bianca’s photos

Very grateful for lazy Saturday


Love to hear your thoughts!

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