100 Days of Gratitude: Day 60 & 61

Yes I know I missed yesterday, but after getting home form the All Female at 8 and still having food prep to do, I did not have the patience to wait 30 minutes for the Internet to try and load my blog then wait another hour to see if could be bothered to load facebook!

I only had 2 things I wanted to do this weekend which involved the Internet and I could not do either…its taken me a grand total of 6 minutes to achieve both tasks now that I’m at work!

so I’m grateful that my cat decided not to sleep on my bed last night especially as he’s having asthma attacks at the moment which meant I would have been up all night with him and I’m grateful that my manager is not here yet, so I’ve managed to sneak in the work I wanted to do this weekend whilst no-one’s watching!




Love to hear your thoughts!

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