100 Days of Gratitude: Day 55


There must have been a universe alignment event happening over in the US last night, because this morning, 3 of my blog feeds had articles about regret – how to live without regrets, how living with regrets will stop you from moving forward, how regret shapes your thinking and your life, what a waste of time regret is – and it got me thinking

I can’t remember the last time I had a regret – I certainly don’t dwell on any so that they takes up brain time and keep me living in the past. I’ve done plenty of dumb, stupid, crazy, irrational, impulsive things in my life, some have worked out – most have worked out – some haven’t. Do I regret anything I’ve done? I don’t think so, each and every one of those experiences has taught me lessons, moved me in the right or unexpected directions, brought new friends, relationships, knowledge  – has been invaluable in shaping who I am. To regret them would be to deny part of me.

I can only really imagine one regret right now and that is: if I was on my deathbed, reflecting on my life and saw things that I hadn’t tried, or I’d been too scared to have a go at , missed opportunities, then I might have regrets of a life not lived fully – but since I’m apparently getting more hellbent on trying anything and everything as I get older, then I really can’t see that being an issue.

very grateful for that!




Love to hear your thoughts!

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