100 Days of Gratitude: Day 53

It’s buce in the ‘Quad off’ πŸ™‚

It was wonderful to see Lindy and Dallas Olsen with their little girl – she’s only 3 months old but is already a seasoned traveller and was so well behaved all day – none of it phased her at all! She had a little cry when she was hungry but she managed to wait until after Lindy had done her talk on nutrition, and otherwise she was completely laidd back about the whole situation – what a pro!

it’s also a long day and by the end I could feel myself running out of energy and needing my nanna nap, not good when you have to drive. I made it home and crashed out on my bed before I did anything else. No sooner had I done that, when my little fur ball came and curled up on me purring, flexing his claws as he kneaded my legs…which is very sweet…kinda

there’s nothing quite like arriving home, tired and worn out and having the little guy gallop down the hallway to meet you, then snuggle up to you and welcome you home…despite the disagreement we’ve been having about the dead possum and crunching bones in my bedroom at 3am this morning or whether scattering guts all over the kitchen is acceptable behaviour…I’m very grateful that I have the little guy and after his awful start in life the fact that he can still find it in himself to trust people is beautiful.

love my special needs fur boy πŸ™‚






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