100 Days of Gratitude: Day 52

Competition Preparation. It’s such a hotly debated topic with often entrenched opinions and divisions everywhere its talked about. Followers of one methodology are adamant that their way is best, followers of another methodology dig their heels in and find fault with every other way of doing comp prep.

There are definitely right and wrong ways of going about preparing a competitor and I’ve been trying to find the time to write a rationally reasoned rant about some of this years horror’s – and there’s a couple of doozies. The worst of them was by a person who has done one competition and now thinks they know what it takes to prepare a competitor. If I ever happen to bump into them I sincerely hope I have something hard, heavy and jagged in my hand, which will meet their face with as much momentum as I can put behind it. Unfortunately some of the others are by people who should know better or even have bits of paper that give them the legal right to dish out their brand of high school ‘wisdom’.

I met my new prepee today and already she has had to put her prep on hold to take a few weeks to recover from a ‘plan’ that she was on. Fortunately she was smart enough to listen to what her body was telling her and stop whilst there is still time to rescue the situation.

I’m very glad that I have never suffered at the hands of one of these ignoramus’, and have had the good fortune to work with people who know what they’re doing and know what works for my body.

My prep this year will be different from last year, because although I’m 5kg lighter this far out than I was last year, my body is in some ways in a more fragile state, given the ongoing adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances that I’ve been trying to fix for about 18 months now. Going hard like we had to last year is not going to work. This year we are going for a long gentle prep – the same 20 weeks but I’ve only got 5kg to lose in that time instead of 10.

I’m very grateful to be working with someone who knows what works for me, and that my prep is tailored specifically for me – Aiden sets the boundaries and I fill in the gaps, he trusts that I’ll do the right thing – and I do.  It doesn’t follow a particular ideology or methodology or formula or fad – it doesn’t need a fancy name or acronym to dress it up. It’s merely about making the smartest choices and adjusting along the way as I come in. It’s simple and it works.

gotta be grateful for that too 🙂

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