100 Days of Gratitude: Day 48


You know, I’m starting to think I may have a second career as a teacher – or maybe I missed my calling in the first place!

I’m really enjoying working with my mentoring student, I made some suggestions as to how she might be able to handle stress a bit better as she was clearly getting overwhelmed with the thought of her upcoming exams. I talked to her today to wish her luck and asked how she was going and the whole language underlying the words she was saying had changed from total helplessness/victim mode to someone who is in control of the situation and pretty relaxed about the whole scenario – we’ve only caught up once, and I think I only spent about 10 minutes talking about stress so it sounds like she’s taken it all on board and worked with it.

How cool is that! Very proud of her.


Helping out Mary Carra and Rose Black backstage for their competitions, it was such a pleasure working two very determined, focussed ladies who again listened and did what I asked, I loved passing on what I have learnt so that it can help them learn too…can’t wait for them to take the INBA Worlds by storm in just a few weeks!

I’m also loving working with my first full comp prepee, Rochelle, doing her diet plans, checking in weekly, getting a feel for her training style, work ethic, being there to answer her questions, reassuring and explaining the reason for why I’m asking what I’m asking. I’ll get to see her next week when she comes down to Melbourne so we’ll get to do some posing coaching and show her some of my HIIT tricks.

I’ve even got some people at work eating green veg and using coconut oil instead of ‘low fat spreads’ and one lady even told me she’d had avocado for the first time in ages – she’d been avoiding them because she thought they’d make her fat and I noticed the enormous guy was eating wholegrain bread today instead of the plastic white stuff and he’d also added some lettuce and tomato to the cheese and tuna that he has every day.

Well done people, baby steps in the right direction.

hmm…another new business thread to add into the rapidly growing weave!

Very grateful that these opportunities to coach seem to be popping up all over the place – I love helping people who are open to suggestions and willing to have a go.



Love to hear your thoughts!

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