100 Days of Gratitude: Day 41

Every day I get regular feeds from a variety of blogs covering everything from fitness, training, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, life skills, coaching, property, personal development, geography and finance. I’ll scan through them pick out 6 or 7 and read them. When I have time I may even read all of them and sometimes I’ll start off on one article and a link to another interesting sounding article will catch my eye and I’ll read that, then another interesting link will catch my eye and I’ll read that…and then another…


before you know it I’m 26 websites and 6 subjects away from where I started and 3 hours have passed! I love learning, I love reading about stuff, I’m endlessly curious about things

It’s why I keep asking ‘why’, or ‘how’ or ‘what if’. It’s why I’m always trying out new things even if I have no clue about what I’m doing, how I’m going to get there or how its going to turn out – that’s when other people get curious and ask me why I’m doing something…usually after they’ve told me I’m crazy! My answer is generally the same

because I can, because I haven’t tried it before, because how do I know until I’ve had a go at it?

Curiosity is a good thing – we wouldn’t be where we are now without curiosity – discovery and invention wouldn’t happen without curiosity

do you get curious? do you follow up on your curiosity? where does it lead you?

today I’m grateful for curiosity


and so far it hasn’t killed this cat!keep-calm-and-stay-curious



Love to hear your thoughts!

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