100 Days of Gratitude: Day 39

So its taken me about 10 minutes so far to write this post because of a phenomenon that occurs at roughly this time every evening and when that phenomenon occurs it means I might have to write single fingered or lying on my side or stretched out almost touching my toes.

Right now the laptop is balancing precariously on my toes as  I try to prevent it tipping onto the floor.

Why is this occurring?

Because there is a lump of fur stretched out along my legs and currently trying to climb onto the keyboard to stop me from writing by sticking his claws into my hands and hauling himself along!

bless my special needs fur ball – he’s trying to tell  me that its time to stop working…and he’s right!

I’m grateful that my little boy ‘cares’ about his mum.




There is an ulterior motive of course – its bedtime biccy time!


Love to hear your thoughts!

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