100 Days of Gratitude: Day 34


You know when you set off out of the house and there’s something not quite right…you don’t know what it is and you wrack your brain, run through mental checklists, or scenarios, but nothing



no answers.

Today was one of those days.

I set off out of the house on the bike as usual, bag slung over my back, off to training…but…my bag felt extraordinarily light. That’s unusual, normally its stuffed to breaking point with work clothes, food, ipad, hair utensils, deodorant and stuff.

So I ran through the mental checklist…

phone, keys, wallet, passport, driving licence, hair stuff, deodorant, ipad, clothes…all of them (yes unfortunately, I frequently rock up at work minus pants or skirt or top or various bits of underwear and then have to trek all the way home to retrieve said missing important bit of clothing!)

so we’re good to go….except that something was still nagging me.

post gym I got it…LAPTOP! Doh! its my work laptop so I’d be a bit stuck without it.

Damn. Now I have to trek all the way home instead of straight to work so I’m going to be even later in than usual for a Tuesday. Damn.

Laptop retrieved, I decided not to cycle into work but get the train as it would be quicker, which meant I could freshen up at home and not lug a suitcase around with me.

Excellent plan!

Except that when I got to work, I remembered that I’d forgotten the food I prepped last night!


Some days I’m such Bubblehead.

But today I’m grateful for my blondeness…On the way home, in the nice warm train it started to pour with rain – and I do mean pour – oceans of the stuff, all at the same time! If I’d been on my bike I would have got drowned.

So being a bubble head means I didn’t get wet – and you know how I hate getting wet unexpectedly.



Love to hear your thoughts!

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