100 Days of Gratitude: Day 31

Today has been a looong day at ANB Natural Mania with some busy bits and it was fantastic to be helping Mary Carra again for her first hatrick and a clean sweep of both her categories as well as the overall – she totally nailed it. Awesome effort and very well deserved  – her mum came to see her for the first time today, I hope she was proud, Mary looked the best she has to date.

So we packed up and said our goodbyes,and headed off in our separate directions – Mary to hopefully have a huge celebration meal with all her family, me to get started on the photos – got a massive backlog now with last weekends 1400, and a write up to do!

Now, you know when something nags at you and you can’t quite put your finger on it, but the feelnig won’t go away? About half way home – after going the wrong way…again…

what it is about that venue that I always seem to get there and get home by a different route??

anyway, something was nagging me, so I ran through my mental checklist….phone – check, house keys – check, wallet – check, camera – check, lens – check

we’re all good. Aren’t we?


something not quite right…

what is it? thiiiink!





I left my bikini!

My stunning blue Jo Rogers from last year that Mary borrowed…I left it behind!

its a $1500 bikini!!!

screeching u turn and off back to la trobe uni, dhased into the backstage area where we were all day and…

where is it? what bag did Mary put it in…don’t know…

how about that brown paper bag lying in the corner?



Very grateful to have my bikini back!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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