100 Days of Gratitude: Day 30

Today I’m grateful that gluten intolerance has become so trendy because its…

Pizza night!

I can order gluten free pizza online!! I know its been available for a couple of years now, but I still find it amazing. I still think its very cool that because gluten intolerance or just going gluten free because you can has become so mainstream that I can walk into any cafe, restuarant and supermarket and just pick out gluten free stuff or meals. Its a very far cry form when I used to have to go to the doctor to get a script to take to the pharmacy to get my gluten free bread, which came in tins and was so inedible that it required 2 hours of steaming to softne it up enough to eat. Then within 2 days it had turned to sawdust again.

Gluten free biscuits would have to be ordered specially and would take weeks to arrive. Gluten free cakes, cake mixes, pancakes, pancake mixes, bread dough, cereals, snack bars, soups, sauces, ready meals, meat pies, pasta…PIZZA…

None of this even existed yet!

And now it does. And whats even better is that I have a CHOICE of pizza outlets to order from because most of them now do a gluten free option!

Never thought I’d see the day that happened!

So I’m thoroughly going to enjoy my chicken and feta gluten free pizza tonight.




Love to hear your thoughts!

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