100 Days of Gratitude: Day 28

Hows this for awesome customer service.

I use Amazon Web Services for cloud storage, analytics, application and deployment of my magazine and its very cheap ($5/month), automatic and zero stress – it all just happens seamlessly.

Except when my credit card has changed due to the previous one being frauded and I don’t update my account with the valid card…and I don’t check the email address that I’ve given Amazon for 2 months

They’ve been trying to contact me for 2 months to tell me my account in a) in arrears b) I need to pay up and c) they’re now going to suspend my account


so, I’ve kinda been a bit of a pain in the arse for them.

So I hurriedly logged on to their system to try and recitfy the situation, but after not being able to change the invalid credit card to another one listed that was valid and not being able to make the required payments on the valid card and getting unhelpful error messages, I finally logged a support ticket.

They got back to me overnight to say that they’ve taken the payment on the other card so my account is now up to date, they’ve set the other card to the default so ongoing payments will happen correctly…

and they’ve credited my account with $20 to compensate for the inconvenience they’ve caused me!

4 months free cloud services!

gotta be grateful for that!



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