100 Days of Gratitude: Day 22

Phew! got lucky today

Every day I park my bike outside work on Elizabeth Street, of course there’s nothing too unusual about that – I’ve left it there over night and over weekends and its still been there…in one piece…when I come to collect it.

I’ve had my bike lights stolen off it before, so I now take them off when I’m at work, but today I got downstairs to unlock my bike and found (to my horror) that I actually hadn’t locked it!


It could so easily have been stolen!

I’ve had that little bike for 21 years and shipped it over from England, because it’s a really unusual size so it’s almost like it’s custom fitted to me. It’s never let me down even though it somehow survives on benign neglect and lack of being looked after.

Its how I get around – I’d be lost without it!

Very Very grateful that it was still there, I’d be devastated if it wasn’t.








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