100 Days of Gratitude: Day 19



I was sitting out on the deck in the sun eating my raspberry protein ‘ice cream’ (frozen raspberries blended with ice and protein powder), it was very peaceful, almost silent (except for next doors screechy parakeet – but even that shut up for 30s or so) and I thought how lucky I am to be living in Richmond.

I’ve been in Richmond for 5 months now and its brilliant. I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to excellent cafes for brekky, my gym is just up the road as is my local supermarket and cinema. Within 10 minutes walk of my house there is Bridge Road and Swan street complete with their respective trams lines and Burnley station which is only 10 mins into the city. Another 5 minutes walk is Victoria Street with more tram lines. I could literally eat my way around the world along Swan St, Bridge Rd, and Victoria St.

Theres a farmers market every saturday, and New Year is fun – there is about 5 of them in Richmond!

The house I’m sharing is a lovely old victorian, but done up really well inside – top quality fittings and it was meant to be I think – when my flatmate and me started looking for places to live  we did one morning only of inspections, saw this, inspected it, applied and were the only ones to apply! We also couldn’t move in until January which was perfect because I was away over christmas and our 3rd housey wasn’t moving to Melbourne until January, it all worked out perfectly.

On weekends its nice and quiet even though Burnley st and the train station are so close we don’t get any traffic noise and can hardly hear the trains – very different from Southbank where police sirens at 3am was all just part of the normal background noise!

We have a deck and a BBQ so I can have my brother round with the kids – the long wooden hallway makes an excellent race track – they can take a long run up and then do a slide on their knees before crashing into Aunty Bags who will tickle them if they don’t escape quickly enough.

Its also great for my fur kid – he gets to wander about the streets at night, fighting with the white cat down the road. The vet is literally around the corner – just as well since he is very vet intensive (he’s laid on the charm there thats for sure!). He gets to sun himself on the deck, hide in the grass or under the deck, he brings his mum dead possums as a pressie and theres some really dumb birds that have not lived to tell the tale…hmmm…maybe I should throw him over the fence to pay a visit to the parakeet…

so yes, living in Richmond is a good thing, I’m very grateful to have moved here.







Love to hear your thoughts!

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