100 Days of Gratitude: Day 18

I’m starting to think that there might be quite a few ‘gratefuls’ related to Melbourne’s weather.

it’s fairly crazy at the best of times,but when we’re on the end of Autumn and nearly into ‘official’ winter then it seems that it becomes a bit more schizophrenic than usual.
After a week of freezing cold, relatively warm, and now totally soaking I was watching the weather forecasts closely to see what today was going to do as I was planning on cycling over to Moonee Ponds for the INBA Melbourne Titles.

Not anymore. It’s very wet, and you know my opinion of soggy feet and a wet bum.


So with no car, how am I getting across town?

By public transport of course. A lot of people complain about Melbourne’s public transport and yes it definitely has flaws, but on the whole it is on of the best city public transport systems on the world.

The interconnected mess of trams, trains and buses means you can get almost anywhere relatively easily.

Any of you ever lived in London or England in general? You NEED a car in England. I have never needed a car in Melbourne.

Sydney! Excellent bus system, but last weekend I was going to go to the INBA Sydney Titles in Castle Hill. By public transport it would have taken me 2hrs 15mins and 3 changes of transport to go 30k.
Even if I had a car, the trip planner said it would take 1 hr 10 mins.
I chose to hire a car and drive the same 1 hr and 10mins to Shellharbour on the south coast instead.

So today I’m grateful for Melbourne’s public transport system. Richmond to Moonee valley 45mins and that’s going into the city by train, then catching a tram out to Moonee ponds.

It would have taken 35-40 mins on the bike!


Love to hear your thoughts!

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