100 Days of Gratitude: Day 17


I haven’t eaten chicken for the previous 5 days, which for me is a loooong time.

I stuffed up at the weekend and ate some cheese which immediately made my eczema to flare up causing the skin on my face to become sore, red, tight, itchy and flaky – its very uncomfortable, but it serves me right for eating the cheese. The way I fix this is by eating lots of fish and good fat – avocados every day, salmon, tuna, mackerel for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and plenty of the fattiest nuts.

My macro split this week has changed from 60P, 25F, 15C to 55F, 40P, 5C

And its worked, but somehow it’s not quite the same – now don’t get me wrong I do like fish, but it doesn’t quite fill me up and is not as satisfying as chicken, so I’ve missed eating chicken.

until this morning…

freshly cooked in butter, salt, lime juice and garlic….YUUUUMMMMMMM

how good is chicken!

Very grateful today for the evolution of chickens 🙂



Love to hear your thoughts!

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