100 Days of Gratitude: Day 16

O.M.G, it was brass monkeys this morning!


and it turns out that we have gas fired heating – which is great, except for when its the coldest morning of the year so far and last night the meter man installed a new meter and must have forgotten to switch something back on because the heating no longer works.

So getting up this morning its 5C outside the house and 5C inside the house…

Do you think I was going to have a shower in that?

Not on your life! There’s nothing worse than getting out of a steaming hot shower into a freezing cold bathroom…ok , I clarify that – there’s lots of things worse, but its still really really unpleasant 🙂

So I cycled to the gym early to have a shower there and I cannot find my gloves!!

By the time I got to the gym I could hardly lock my bike up because my hands were so stiff from the cold

I rushed into the WARM gym, grabbed a towel and ran up the stairs to the nice WARM changing room and had a lovely HOT shower…

all powered by electricity!!

Today I’m eminently grateful for electricity – marvellous stuff, where would we be without it???



Love to hear your thoughts!

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