100 Days of Gratitude: Day 15



Aiden (my trainer for those of you who are new to my blog – thats us at INBA Aussies last year, he doesn’t look terribly evil there…):


Mr T:

40a280f65186f94a7f0b984a6bbfb641 (1)

yep, it’s legs day today…



Today was an intense mix of heavy squats, deadies, bulgarian lunges and a lot of active rests – stair  jumps, single leg plyo pistol squats with hip hinge, plyo bulgrian lunges, walking lunges, single leg deadies on a bosu, single leg plyo pistol squats with hip hinge on a bosu…kidding made that one up – at one point I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest!

needless to say, nanna nap this morning was not merely welcome it was essential!

14 minutes!

totally out for the count.


No , I’m not whinging…

because today I’m grateful to be working at RMIT

why? Well, they’re so laid back and easy going, nobody has said anything about my daily ‘meetings’ for 10-15 mins at 10:38 – I’m grateful for that

the building I work in used to be the Ansett Airliens HQ (remember them??) and I’m on the top floor, which used to be the executive floor.

the 10th floor happens to have some good changing rooms that not many people have access to…

room 3 happens to have a 6ft long bench, and its always a little warmer than the rest of the office, and when the light is off it’s completely dark…

guess where you’ll find me at 10:38 every day!

room 3, lying out flat, in the pitch black, out cold on the bench.

very grateful for that bench in room 3








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